Monday, September 19, 2011

Sister Mondays....

Is this me and my sisters? NO. The brats wouldn't let me take their pictures. Next time I think I'll have them sign a waiver that if we are to go on any sister dates, I get to take photographs. So, insert random 3 girls here.

A few weeks ago I was talking to Lisa on our daily morning chats. I normally call her once I'm in my car and we chat while I drive to work and she gets the kids ready for school.

I'm not sure why I pick the busiest part of her day to call...other than I'm her baby sister and supposed to bug her for the rest of her life.

On this specific morning we were talking about how this fall is busy for her husband J. He's got bowling on Tuesdays and softball on Thursdays. (I could have mixed those up) But, you get my drift. This leaves her with 4 kids to do errands, hip hop, dinner and bath time.

So I say to her, why don't you pick a night and do something for you? She's not the kind to take a class or join a group of some kind. But she could at least spend 3-4 hours AWAY from the house. She tells me that's not a bad idea and she'll think about it. One question, would I join her? Well..I think to myself..why not? I love spending time with my sister(s) and even if we do twice a month it shouldn't hurt.

We decide niether of us have a lot of cash to be spending on the activities but what we do decide is it will be worth it and fun. We laughed that we could go hang out in a parking lot somewhere and just sit in silence...that would be a welcome break.

I tell Cory about it and he seems ok. You know when your husband tells you it's ok but you know he's not really excited to have you gone? He does Karate two nights a week but he does that with Jayden so that doesn't really count. So we plan for the next Monday to do one of our favorite past times...a drive up the canyon over trappers loop and ice cream at the Oaks. Laurie decides she's on board for some sister time.

It was a pretty drive up the canyon and the Oaks was a bit cooler than we had planned. We decided on a healthy choice of nachos and onion rings and listened to the river. When we were walking down I was sure it was Richard Dreyfuss sitting there to which Lisa and Laurie got hysterical. I told them to scoot together and I would take their picture so I could get in the background. But would they? NO.
We had a great night full of laughter. We may not always see eye to eye on family, kids, spouses, school or religion. But when we get together, we do agree on how hysterical everything is.

I LOVE my sisters. I love that we can talk about everything from the last thing our kids have done to drive us insane and then the next thing you know, we're discussing our sex lives.

No matter what happens to me, the choices I make or what is ahead in my next 30 years I know that I will always have my sisters by my side.

'Sisters by birth, friends by choice.'


Kallie said...

I know I tell you this often, but you are lucky to have not just 1 but 2 sisters. I would love to be able to have that kind of relationship with a sister. There are days that I really wonder what that must be like. Jealous!

Rob'n'Mon said...

Sister time is definitely the best! Wish mine lived closer.

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