Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moore, ID

Cory has been looking for a dually and found one in Moore, ID. Where you ask? We had no idea either, but we left work early to venture on one of our favorite past times together...Road Trips.
I love road trips with Cory. We've driven a few places before we had kids and haven't had the chance to do much since. So, off we went!

Do you know what lies 50 miles West of I-15 in Idaho? Well..I didn't either so let me share with you what we found.

Once we hit BlackFoot, ID we exited the freeway and headed West. There wasn't much to see for miles, but all of a sudden we came to a intersection and all we could see were HUGE buses. Like Greyhounds. Except they were all painted yellow and said 'Idaho National Laboratories'. I told Cory, do think they are Top Secret employees that have to be driven by bus to the radiation labs??? (This is possible right? Maybe I watch too many movies)

He of course wasn't too sure of that analogy. So we headed on, seeing many signs with the atomic symbol and this 'Idaho Laboratories with buses passing us.

Once we hit Arco, ID there was a little gas station that no one appeared to know where to park. All the cars were lined up against the building and not in parking stalls.

We walked into the gas station and it smelled of strong bacon scents, and why wouldn't you grill up a vat of bacon at 4:30 in the afternoon? Old couples were eating in silence and a mom was reading a news paper while her son was slumped in the booth starring off into space. Probably wondering why he was seeing tracers and blurred vision from the radiation laboratory.

Maybe his Dad was on that bus.
After a restroom trip and some snacks, we had extra time so I walked around the gas station...and this is what I saw.

I mortified my husband and while Farmer Jack was having bacon bits for dinner I posed next to his John Deere and asked Cory 'Do you think my tractor's SeXy??'

Here's another gem I found, do you really think they sweep the streets of Arco, C'mon...85% of them are dirt!

Isn't this the coolest coke can you've ever seen...16 ounces!!

Across the street, the mountain had numbers painted all over it. I was sure it was the number of people impacted by radiation over the years ~ I instantly thought of Erin Brockovich.
When I was done humiliating my husband, we headed out for Moore, ID. Once we got there, it was a young couple with two small kids. They had a adorable farm house and a nice yard lined with huge pine trees.

As we headed down the little drive, I saw them. I knew that I could easily entertain myself here while Cory worked the truck sell.

Meet Mama and Homer. Oh how I love horses. I headed straight over and I think while I was on a beeline for the horses, I turned my head to mumble

'May I look at your horses?'

I'm sure the wife was thinking 'Um, sure since you're already half way over the fence wierdo.'


Some things I have no restraint on. Clothes, jewelry and horses. I spent the next 45 minutes, petting the horses, talking to them, feeding them apples and taking their pictures. Secretly I reliving my dream of being a barrel racer.

The couples little girl was about 3 and she spent the time with me telling me about her horses. When one would fart she'd say 'That's the horsey's BUTT, it talked to you.'

Here was the keeper...Bells.

Isn't she gorgeous?! 7 months old and believe me ~ I plotted ways to get her in the truck. But the little 3 yr old blondie was having no part of it. 'MY BELLS!!' she kept saying over and over. Alright already, I heard you the first time!

Can't say that I blame that little girl, Little Bells the horse was a sweet heart. Cory made his deals and we headed home. I bid farewell to the horses, day dreaming all the way home about the day I can have my buckskin and ride just once in a rodeo barrel race. We had a great time and made it home about 10 that night.

I did find out from the wife that it IS a radiation plant and nearly everyone works there. If you're not a full time farmer you work at the 'site'. We talked about the buses, apprently the inside scoop is the bosses at 'the site' hate the buses because they're always late and always leave early.
The numbers on the mountain? The graduating classes over the years paint their year on the mountain. (Likely story) The unfortunate part was we came home to Jayden with a fever of 101...yes it was a pleasant weekend!

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JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

you kill me! I'm laughing my head off right now. I'm glad you can make a boring trip to Idaho a fun adventure. You'd look good as a barrel racer ;)

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