Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogger Challenged

In the past, I have considered myself technically savvy. I'm quick to research help buttons or search engines to find what I need, I navigate easily through pages and most products. I'm also usually the one to help my mother with her technical issues with her phone and what I lovingly call her I-Pain in the ass Ü

My blog is no different, I've had assistance with the design two years ago but feel confident that I could update posts, links and so on. I'm comfortable with blogger. Lately, it seems that my posts won't space correctly and I spend less time writing and more time researching or re-posting to get my layout right.

I started to research and everything kept pointing to my web browser. Well, I have no idea about web browsers. I use IE and have no clue if it's 7,8,9 or 10. So my research lead to me to believe that my choice was updating to Google Chrome or Mozilla Fire Fox. I've previewed Chrome before and it is 100% different from IE. I have no clue how to navigate it. So I switched back to IE. Blogger offers a newer version to post and quicker download times. So, for now I'm doing the best of both worlds. Google Chrome for blogging and IE for the rest of mine and Cory's internet usage.

While I'm typing this post the layout is completely different. So, we'll see how it goes! Let me know if anyone who is reading this is web browser savvy and where I can go to find out more information.

For now...I'll be on Blogger Chrome Ü

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Kallie said...

I use all three! They all have their advantages, I know that doesn't answer your question. On my old computer I was using firefox the most. This one came with Chrome installed, so that is what I use the most now. But some programs and websites don't work with certain browsers, so I am forced to switch back and forth also.

Your blog still looks the same to me.

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