Sunday, August 7, 2011

♥ Today I thought of you ♥

Today I thought of you, a smile shown across my face
I remember all the ups and downs that brought us to this place.
The love I feel, the strength you give and the man you are today,
are a few of the reasons why you're amazing in each and every way.

We joined hands and took an oath, to build a family
With two boys to grace our lives and turn our world upside down
This is what we've dreamed of, a family of our own
A man of strength and tenderness
The traits you've always shown.

Our home is filled with laughter, our hearts are filled with love
And every now and then we wipe away their tears
Each time I look to you, it takes away my fear

Our home, our love, our family
The place where love resides
The world is ours to have and hold
Anything we dream of is just a wish upon a star....

Today I thought of you, and a smile shown across my face
Next to you and in your arms, I've finally found my place. ~

♥ Cory ~ you have all my love and forever my heart ♥

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