Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slumber Party...

My Aunt Laurie is AmAzInG!! She loves to be with the kids and loves to spend time with all of them. She can be found daily running errands for my sisters, taking kids to the movies or lunch dates and taking my Grandpa places.

She's retired so she's got free time on her hands and we love having her around. Jayden hasn't always spent a lot of time alone with her, I always felt like he would be a pain or too much to handle but lately it's been clear he's dying for one on one time with Auntie as we call her.

So last week, Jayden and I called Auntie to see if Jayden could be put on the waiting list to spend the night at her house and sure enough there was spot! Thursday after Jayden got home from Karate, we packed a overnight bag and off the went!

He got to go to dinner, and have snow cone for dessert. He loves that she has a toy room with a mini couch that has a pull out bed. Later he told me her bed was much better than his bed Mom, can't you please buy me a couch bed??

The next morning she took him to IHOP for breakfast and he got to help her with chores. He had so much fun with her. She is great to spend time with the kids and she gave him a great report card so he can stay on the list for future sleepovers!

Thanks Auntie..We Love You!


Grand Pooba said...

How fun! How can I get on that list?

Rob'n'Mon said...

How exciting for Jayden! Glad he had a great time with his Auntie. I wish I had an Auntie like that!

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