Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hair Orgasm? Yes Please.

I've been on a hair journey over the last 9 months and it's been a difficult one.

You see, I've been in a hair relationship with Christeena at Joy's for almost 10 years. With my work location changing, nail appointments, children, and life in general I thought I should find someone closer to work to help with the stress.


I went blonde, it took like 3 times to color it. Then it all died. I wanted it to grow out, but the funny thing about hair is when you piss it off..it doesn't grow..it quits and falls out. Right outcha head!!

So I went to another hair stylist..my favorite part of getting my hair done is the style that comes after. Did she do it? Nope. Said 'Not sure how you like it styled, so you can use my stuff to get ready'. This was at 7:30 am and I had to be to work at 8 am.

Once again, I tried a new person. This time, after being in the chair for 5 minutes she announced to me she had two uterus's (is that even a word meant to be plural?)...this can't be a good sign. The color was alright and then it happened. She got out the RAZOR. After I told her I wanted to GROW my hair OUT...like still attached to my head.

I watched her slice through my weak hair, my poor dead, pissed off hair. I should have known someone with two uteruses wouldn't know how to do my hair.

So...I waited for Christeena to get back from maternity leave and begged for an appointment. (Ok, I called and booked one, but begged sounded more dramatic)

I gave her a big hug and was so excited that I didn't have to say what color, instructions on how to cut it and I knew the hair style would be JUST what I wanted. It was fun to catch up and I seriously can tell her anything. She's my therapist most times. Sometimes I'm so content getting my hair done I absentmindedly hum to myself. I'm not sure why..it's always been something I do when I'm in thought or just plain relaxed. (Don't judge)

I decided my hair needed to be dark again to get some shine back in it while I'm growing out the hair massacre from the twin uterus lady. Once it was all said and done, Christeena whipped my chair around for me to see the final project!

As I gazed into the mirror, all I could think of to do was look into my loving friend, therapist and solemate of hair care eyes and say....

'I just had a hair orgasm.'

That's right folks, I'll be here all week!!


Jones' said...

LOL! I have the best hair girl, but can only bring myself to pay to get my hair done 2-3 times a year. In December I went dark dark almost black. Feb I box dyed red into it (huge mistake!) April I traded photography for color fixing and a short cut. Now I want to go to my girl so bad I am willing to sacrifice just about anything to get my hair done by her.
Great post! Hope all is well with you.

Dave & Shauna said...

Ha ha. You're hilarious! And your hair always looks gorgeous. Miss you.

JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

I love you! haha you seriously kill me. I have the same problem. My hair lady moved to Arizona like 5 years ago and I just wait until she visits.. yep i get my hair done like once a year haha

szumitacrew said...

You are hilarious! This is my new 'place' during my ZEN time! You should be a comedian!
You got the funnies, Laurie got the 'martha' touch, and I don't think i got an effing thing from that damn 'gene pool' fairy!!!!

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