Sunday, July 31, 2011

Casey's 2!

Remember this little one year old??

Well he's been busy over the last year. Learning lots and playing hard. Here are a few words he tells me:

1. Nee~Nee = Jayden

2. Wink = Drink

3. Nee-Nu = Thank you

4. Pweese

5. Kind want!= The kind he wants

6. Nannee= Candy

7. Hey Mum!

8. Hey Meeenie!

9. Wee-nan = Airplane

10. Wee~nee = Blankie (I know..we're working on it)

11. Buuubbblless!

I can't believe my BaBy is 2!! It seems like just yesterday I was getting his room ready and clothes washed for his big arrival...then the first 10 months was an eternity of no he's on the fast track to growing up right before my eyes!!

This is the toy that won best overall this year. Aunt Shanna bought him a Tow-Mater push truck that blows bubbles out the side. He seriously logs at least 5 miles a night around the house. Ü

We celebrated Sunday at Grandma Jo's, my niece Kayli has a birthday on July 24th so we did a double birthday party. The picture above is my father attempting to drag the six foot tall 14 yr old into the pool.

And this is the same 14 year old thinking the whole thing is hysterical!
And here is that crazy six foot 14 year old's father...the 6'3 Jamesy!! I think he was made for close up's don't you??

Helping open up presents with Harrison not far away, you can at least see 1/2 of Kayli opening up her presents. (It was her mother taking it's not my fault!)

Casey and his 'Coley' Cole babysits for me a lot and both of my boys are madly in love with him. Jayden calls him his 'best brother'. Not sure what that makes Casey.

Grandma Jo being thankful she's not in the line of fire with the water guns.

Princess Laurie

Grandpa Earle and Squirley Eye Ethan

Casey finding the present Grandma Diane got him...a brand new bike w/training wheels!! We had Cory's family over on Casey's birthday. I left work early, got some pizza and headed home for some family time.

We had a busy weekend with Rodeo's, birthday parties and boating trips. The time flies by so fast, I can't believe our boys are growing up. I'm excited to see who they grow into be and even though the days are exhausting...we wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm very thankful for my family and not a day goes by that I don't say thank you to the Lord for bringing me here today.

What? 2 years old isn't too old to rock with Mama every night....we read a book and then turn out the lights. I rock him and sing Twinkle Twinkle little you know how loved you are??

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Kallie said...

He has grown up so much even since I stopped watching him. I couldn't believe how much he was talking last night. What a cutie!

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