Thursday, July 7, 2011

31 already? No it can't be!

Ok, I'm NOT 31...but I know this great place that is!

Join me for an exclusive shopping experience with Thirty-One. You're going to love the products, and the July specials are wonderful! Please stop by the website for my online party and share in these awesome deals on some unique gifts. You will be amazed!

Step 1 ~ Make sure to visit , click 'My Events' then 'Kimberli Green'

Step 2 ~ Shop online (feel free to do this at work, at home, dressed,'s up to YOU)

Step 3 ~ Spend ALL your money Ü

Step 4 ~ Put your clothes back on, then come and show me what you bought!!

All joking aside, this is a great company. My good friend Jill is now a consultant, so I'm doing what good friends do and support my girlies while doing a little shopping for myself Ü If you have any questions let me know, my online party goes until July 14th.

All items can be personalized for $6.00 no matter what it is and the shipping is only $4.00, unless you ship to Jill then it's FREE!

I purchased a way cute is my little man modeling for me while we baked. Ssshhhh..don't tell Cory!


Taylor's mom said...

Kimberli ~ You're AWESOME!

Grand Pooba said...

I'm all for doing things naked!!

Is it weird that I just went to that website from someon elses blog just two hours earlier???

But hey, I could probably use another purse.


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