Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's been awhile since I posted an edition of Jayden~ism. So here's the latest.

I came home last Saturday to the usual, Cory working in the garage on one of his latest projects while Casey finishes his nap.

'Hey there, sexy mechanic working magic..where's your kidlets?'

'Casey is nappin and Jade's inside watching T.V.'

With that, I headed inside. I opened our bedroom door and found Jayden.

I'm hoping my literary skills will allow me to describe to you one of the funniest/scariest moments in my mother history.

There on our bed was our 5 year old laying in ALL his glory. Arms behind his head, leggs crossed Indian style in nothing but his spidey tighty whities with his little 5 year old 'junk' hanging out the left side. To complete the package, his face was covered in chocolate with wrappers lying as the evidence all around him and a bucket of chocolate from the pantry.

'Um, Jayden. What are you doing?'

Laaaxxxiiiinnnn Mom.'

'Where would your clothes be?'

'Ova der, I gots paint on them'

'Why is there chocolate all over your face?'

With that he raised his hands from his head and told me 'I needed a snack mom.' While I contemplated how angry I was that he'd gotten into too much candy and completely violated our bed, my attention was brought to the tiny bald spot on his head. I'm fairly certain it did not look that way when I left for work that morning.

'Jayden...what exactly happened to your hair?'

'Mom...don't be mad k ~ I had gum in my hair so I pulled it out.'

He tells me all matter of factly. I said, 'Hmmm...looks like it was a pretty clean cut. Where did you cut your hair at??'

With a look of complete guilt he sighs and says 'I cut it in your kitchen Mom.'

'Where is your hair now?'

'In your kitchen on the floor with gum stuck in it!'

Sigh....Jayden we DO NOT cut our own hair, right?


'Then why did you do that?'

He gives me the most widely used reason by every child know to man. The all inclusive, ever ready response that drives mother's completely insane!


Well great, why you are pondering all the reasons you NEVER choose to listen and ALWAYS choose to make your own decisions, which undoubtedly always get you in trouble...I will head to the kitchen to locate the missing hair ball joined with sticky gum that you shouldn't have been eating in the first freakin place!

Needless to say, here is the process of fixing his hair creation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Precious Time

One thing I've learned as a mother of two boys is NOT to take advantage of cuddles. Casey is quickly heading into the terrible twos ~ along with the headaches and exhaustion of chasing a two year old, our quiet cuddle time is quickly vanishing.

So, when the occasion arises that he'll snuggle on my bed with me ~ his woobie in tow... I'll take it! No matter if he's watching cartoons, as long as he'll nestle into me and let me tickle his back, arm, cheeks.. I'm game.

Oh how I love the smell of his squishy cheeks, his fun kisses, how big his baby hands are and the humming noise he makes when he's got a mouthful of his blankie. There is such a calming effect on me when my children are comfortable and content. One thing is for certain..I'm addicted to that baby!

Our favorite nursery rhyme seems fit:

Twinkle twinkle little star, Do you know how LoVeD you are?!'

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Jayden graduated from Bravo! Preschool today. I can't believe how fast the years go by. ~Most days I'm thinking how slow they go by and will I ever survive?~ but days like today remind me.

I'm one of those Mom's who cry at everything and today was one of those days. We were sitting a few rows back, but I had the perfect eye contact with Jayden. I remembered how in all of my school performances, band, DECA, assemblies, whatever the case may be, my mom was always there. Even with work when I gave a presentation with her in the room, she always has the biggest smile on her face. It makes me feel good inside to know she always has my back and was always my biggest fan. Her smile said it all.

So today, was another chance for me to be that with Jayden. He smiled that big boy smile at me and I was grinning from ear to ear. I got tearful because the smile on our faces tell me that no matter how much we struggle, how much improvement I could have as his Mom...he knows I'm his biggest fan and he could see that smile on his Mom's face and know how proud I was of him.

Here are just a few of his faces that crack me up!

Singing 'bad little kittens lost their mittens!'

His first piano rectial

My Cheesy Man!

Here is Casey cheering big brother on!

Swing for Mom

One thing is for certain about Cory, he loves to build! He is very talented and continuously amazes me. With his mom's 59th birthday coming up, he wanted to do something special. About 5 years ago, she saw this swing in Florida and has wanted it ever since. Here she is with the original in Florida.

So, without any measurements Cory did what he always does and went to work. With the help of his sisters and grandparents he was able to purchase the wood. Over Memorial weekend, this is what Cory spent his time doing!

Below is the finished project, I couldn't believe he did it in only 4 days. He just knew every piece and with several different saws was able to hand craft the most beautiful swing I've ever seen. I'm so so so proud to have this man as my husband and to see the excitement in his eyes as he got closer with each piece.

The next shot is all of his friends and family loading it onto the trailer to take to Mom's house the night before her birthday.

And here they are attempting to lift it over her gate. Caused Mom some stress with trees but thankfully it made it ok!

Here is the finished project.

1= I love my mother in law

2= I LOVE my husband!
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