Monday, May 16, 2011

This $hit ain't EaSy....

You know those people who have blogs tagged on their side profile? I wonder what kind of traffic I'll get by the name of this post?! Ü

Honestly though, I couldn't think of a better name for life lately. I'm sure that we've all been through it, it seems like one shoe keeps dropping after another. I won't go into details, because believe it or not there are some things I don't blog about. But I will give an overview, only because it's therapeutic for me to vent.

Financially~I HATE money. Which is odd, because I work with it everyday. I love helping other people with their money or helping them find ways to get more for their dollar or how to save or the best loan rates. I HATE my money. It always seems like there is never enough or just when I figure out a way to get on top of it, here comes that other shoe (even from 3 years ago) dropping on me.

Some days I day dream about selling our huge house and buying an older home to cut our house payment in half. I think 'That would be so great! Then we wouldn't be house poor and we could build a savings up or take those spur of the moment trips or Cory could really have his own truck fund to do the projects he's always wanting to do.' I'm sure if it came down to it, we sell our house and not be able to find one for half the price that is livable. So, we'll keep on trucking through. We've made it this far and I know there are others in a worse spot than we are.

Children ~ Oh how my kids are giving me a run for my money. Jayden in particular. We're are working through some issues with him right now that just may kill me. He's always been defiant, but we're starting with tantrums and they have gotten aggresive. I can tell he's frustrated because he can't tell me what's wrong but I know something is. I know we have to address it now to keep it from getting worse. Working through this puts a toll on Jayden and Cory and I. I need to figure out some ways to work through these episodes with Jayden and learn to communicate with him so he can tell me what's on his mind.

Yard~ I hate yard work. I see all of these beautiful yards and I want my yard to be like that. Every time I go outside, I start working away and then get easliy discouraged. It just seems so overwhelming. Stupid Yard.

Seems like life gives us highs and lows. Some things to be happy about, Cory is building the boys a playset. Complete with rock wall, swings, slide and castle fort with two storys. I'll be sure to post pictures along the way.

I start a new job tomorrow, still as an assistant manager but at another branch. I'm excited to meet new people, very sad to leave my friends at Harrison. We had a great dynamic together and I can honestly say I had a blast everyday with my friends.

Another positive note Jayden tells me 'Mom, do you know that I love you? No really, I mean it. Even when I'm really naughty, I do! I love you!'
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