Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vote Please

I'm really trying desperately to grow my hair out all one length, including my bangs. I feel like I can only wear it one way while it's growing. When I got my hair done, my hair stylist told me there were lots of fun things to do with my length of hair. She took a chunk of my bangs and braided back into my hair and I thought that looked cute, but maybe too young for me? I mean...I am 30!

So, here's another style she told me. Two pony tails, then pin the ends to give it volume and a funky look to it. I should have taken Cory's picture when he saw it...he's NOT a fan. So, I need your help.

A) Too Young

B) Too funky

C) I could pull it off

D) Cute for home, not for work

E) You're not going to vote, because you just silently STALK my blog and never speak up because you don't know me or you know me and don't want me to KNOW you read my blog.

I really liked this picture, thought it was pretty cute!

Some of my pieces were so short, they fell out of the pins towards the end of the day.


Merianne said...

ok..I think my choice was E..hee hee.. I know you know me and yes I silently stalk your blog and love it..:0) I think the picture is waaay cute but your hair is always cute and I totally cracked up over the kissn & smakn post..made my day!!! fair is fair ours is but my blog is not nearly as clever as yours!!! Merianne ..your boy's are getting sooo big soo fast!!!

The Green Family said...

Merianne! I do know you and thank you for stepping forward ;)

Thanks for the vote and now I can stalk you back Ü

Jones' said...

A combination of C & D, with a twist. You can totally pull it off. I think at work and not at home though, only cause you said Cory was not a fan :)

How long do you want to grow it?

Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

I say C! I think it's darling and I want to copy it! I am trying to grow my hair out as well and it's difficult sometimes figuring out what to do with it! Don't listen to Cory, boys...what do they know? Cortney has a good idea, wear it only to work that way Cory won't have to make comments about it :)

Kallie said...

I say C, but like Melissa I might have to try it on my own hair. I have done it with 2 ponytails, but side by side. Never thought of doing it like that. I feel like I always pull my hair back when I grow it out, so I always look for new cute up-do's.

Tracy said...

Hi Kim, I'm following you now! Ha! I totally think C! =) Good luck! I'm just starting to try and grow mine out too..blah!

Shauna said...

C I agree. Way cute on you!! And seriously, I know that we all always get sick of our own hair and styles, but your hair always looks so cute and perfect. Love it!

The Rich Family said...

I love it. I think you could pull it off where ever.

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