Friday, April 8, 2011

In my next 30 years...

It's taken me awhile to get find some time to post about my 30th Birthday, maybe I've been in denial about it being, here we go! I woke up to a wonderful sign 'Happy 30th Birthday!!' from Cory along with a cute card and he decorated my car with a 'I'm 30 banner!' It was pretty cute.

So, off to work I went..when I arrived, I found my desk, every single part of my desk in wrapping paper! I was spoiled, my old boss Diana brought me flowers and a card, Wrendy got me Stress Relief lotion and candle that smell amazing! I'm wondering if she thinks I'm too stressed?? Nancy got me a cute watch and a couple of people went in and got me a gift certificate to New Image Day Spa. Ü

I was helping a member in the vault and came around the corner to a little blonde boy running at me 100 was Jayden and Casey! Kelsi brought them up to the branch to bring me balloons...cute babies!! Nothing like two sloppy kisses to get me through my day.

I got tons of FB messages...kind of neat to see so many posts from old and current friends. A lot of voice mails and text messages, and even an e-mail and voicemail from my parents in Cabo!

After work, I headed home and Cory made my favorite dinner ~ Spaghetti!! The next night after work, I headed up to Park City with my friends to shop, eat, drink and dance! We hit the outlets and Cory's mom and sissy's joined us. I got some great deals on clothes for the kids, Diane spoiled me as always and spent way too much money. I was able to pick out two cute watches from Fossil, shoes, pants and capri's from Rue 21. We headed to Baja Cantina and spent a few hours and drank many cocktails!

My friends got me the cutest purse from Covet and a cute tank top and shirt with jewelry to match ~ they know me so well. Later that night we headed to Harry~O's, it was so much fun to dance. They had a great DJ and Jenn and I danced until I had sweat dripping everywhere! (Sexy, I know) I LOVE LOVE to dance and don't do it very often. I was wearing high heels so it was great that my feet were drunk, otherwise it may have been painful.

I had a great time with my friends, I won't reveal secrets but there may have been urination in inappropriate places, pants may have split right open and someone may have blown herself up!

Turning 30 wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated, I woke up the next morning married to the man of my dreams and have two beautiful boys to call me mom. Jayden made the day special by saying 'Mommy, I can't believe how OLD you are! Those are a LOT of numbers!' Thanks Jade!

I remember when I was turning 20 I imagined all the things I wanted to do before I turned 30 and I can happily say I've accomplished all of them. I feel like I'm in a good spot in my life and feel so lucky to have a family that is healthy, happy and make me a better person each and everyday, a great job, wonderful friends whom I love and much more. I wish I would've had pictures from Park City but we forgot our camera :( So, here's to my next 30 years!

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Kallie said...

I was expecting pictures :( Oh well, I am glad you had a fun birthday, wish I was a better friend and could have done something awesome for you. Let's do lunch sometime, you tell me when you can go! I buy yours for your birthday, and you can buy mine for my birthday!!! We are the same age for 23 days every year.

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