Sunday, April 24, 2011


We just returned from a week in Florida with Cory's family. His grandparents own a farm in Leonia (Located in the pan handle, just south of Alabama, 45 miles north of Ft. Walton Beach, FL on the Gulf of Mexico)

We had such a great time and it was packed with all kinds of fun things. Don't worry Jayden still managed to get bored every other minute and if I hear him say 'Mom, are we there yet?' or 'I have to pee' I just might lose it!

Here are a few highlights to enjoy!

We survived the first leg of the trip making it through Security at SLC Airport. Nothing like rushing diaper bags, carry on's and strollers with 3 kids and make it to the plane on time without losing anything! We're all smiles at this point..of course this is before the 3.5 hour flight to Houston

Daddy & Casey getting ready for take off.

Can I tell you my boys are addicted to their father? Thank God Cory loves his kids because they cry if he's out of sight. I'm holding onto the fact maybe some day in the future they might need their mother Ü

Bug playing with buttons

Waiting for the connecting flight in Houston, we always find time to wrestle with Dad. I couldn't believe how green Houston was. I don't know why I imagined a Desert, but it was nothing but green trees.

We made it to Florida in one piece. It was so great to make it to the farm and spend time with Grandma and Papa. The weather couldn't have been better, high 90's and kind of style. Not very often can you find the diversity of activities like we do at the farm!

Jayden taken Pop for a ride...I love Papa's face..don't think he's quite sure about the driver just yet but he was a great sport.

Meet Oscar...Granny's very own trained Alligator. She calls her name and up the pond she comes to collect her dinner. We took so many pictures and we're able to get right up next to her. Every morning and night she'd make her way across the pond to come and see what we have.

Not sure how you spend your family vacations..but we don't mess around with ours!

Mommy & Casey at the beach. One thing Cory's taught me to love in addition to the southern sweet tea is the sand at the Ft. Walton Beach. It feels like powdered sugar between your toes. The boys had a great time, Casey ate a pound of sand and Jayden attempted to body surf the waves.

We caught us some oak lizards..I had several failed attempts to get a picture due to my screaming every time the lizard moved. Casey had no fear, walked right up and grabbed him! Jayden caught two lizards, found a huge snapping turtle, wild turkeys, birds, deer carcass, alligators and more. We visited Vortex Springs, kind of like Lava Hot Springs but minus the Hot Water. The air was hot but the water freezing! We had a great time floating around the springs and watching crazy kids fly off the rope swing and jump off the diving board.

Since we flew home on Easter, we celebrated on Saturday. We went with Granny to her churches Easter egg hunt. They had 3 softball fields full of Easter eggs for the kids, a huge inflatable slide, and fire trucks. When the sirens blared, it only took 7 minutes for the kids to get all 18,000 eggs! It was so hot, by 10 am it was 90 degrees and humid. The boys had a blast and it was fun to meet Grandma's pastor.

Don't worry, we didn't leave our crazy in Utah. We enjoyed some green gator popsicles and Maizey wore hers better than anyone else! You may also enjoy the free boob shot courtesy of Shanna. (Yes, she is my sister in law and there isn't anything she can do about it.)

And, you can't really spend a week at Grandma's without spotting a few spare sets of teeth lying around! (I may be disowned for this picture later)
Our last night, Cory decided to get Shanna back for about taking his eye out with a pillow and scared her on the front porch. She returned the favor by walking around in his Harley boots to match her jammies. Oh the fun things families do together on vacation!

We're so glad to be home, it was an early flight. Out the door by 4 am Florida time to catch a delayed flight. The kids were happy to be home and Casey was very happy to be in his own crib. I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow of Jayden's Easter presents...I'll give you a hint.

8 legs

2 tails

2 heads

Any guesses??

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Grand Pooba said...

Do you have new puppies????

I would LOVE to be in Florida right now! Tell your SIL thanks for the boob shot ha!

P.S. I'm having a $50 Target GC giveaway! Come enter, it's for a good cause!

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