Sunday, April 24, 2011


We just returned from a week in Florida with Cory's family. His grandparents own a farm in Leonia (Located in the pan handle, just south of Alabama, 45 miles north of Ft. Walton Beach, FL on the Gulf of Mexico)

We had such a great time and it was packed with all kinds of fun things. Don't worry Jayden still managed to get bored every other minute and if I hear him say 'Mom, are we there yet?' or 'I have to pee' I just might lose it!

Here are a few highlights to enjoy!

We survived the first leg of the trip making it through Security at SLC Airport. Nothing like rushing diaper bags, carry on's and strollers with 3 kids and make it to the plane on time without losing anything! We're all smiles at this point..of course this is before the 3.5 hour flight to Houston

Daddy & Casey getting ready for take off.

Can I tell you my boys are addicted to their father? Thank God Cory loves his kids because they cry if he's out of sight. I'm holding onto the fact maybe some day in the future they might need their mother Ü

Bug playing with buttons

Waiting for the connecting flight in Houston, we always find time to wrestle with Dad. I couldn't believe how green Houston was. I don't know why I imagined a Desert, but it was nothing but green trees.

We made it to Florida in one piece. It was so great to make it to the farm and spend time with Grandma and Papa. The weather couldn't have been better, high 90's and kind of style. Not very often can you find the diversity of activities like we do at the farm!

Jayden taken Pop for a ride...I love Papa's face..don't think he's quite sure about the driver just yet but he was a great sport.

Meet Oscar...Granny's very own trained Alligator. She calls her name and up the pond she comes to collect her dinner. We took so many pictures and we're able to get right up next to her. Every morning and night she'd make her way across the pond to come and see what we have.

Not sure how you spend your family vacations..but we don't mess around with ours!

Mommy & Casey at the beach. One thing Cory's taught me to love in addition to the southern sweet tea is the sand at the Ft. Walton Beach. It feels like powdered sugar between your toes. The boys had a great time, Casey ate a pound of sand and Jayden attempted to body surf the waves.

We caught us some oak lizards..I had several failed attempts to get a picture due to my screaming every time the lizard moved. Casey had no fear, walked right up and grabbed him! Jayden caught two lizards, found a huge snapping turtle, wild turkeys, birds, deer carcass, alligators and more. We visited Vortex Springs, kind of like Lava Hot Springs but minus the Hot Water. The air was hot but the water freezing! We had a great time floating around the springs and watching crazy kids fly off the rope swing and jump off the diving board.

Since we flew home on Easter, we celebrated on Saturday. We went with Granny to her churches Easter egg hunt. They had 3 softball fields full of Easter eggs for the kids, a huge inflatable slide, and fire trucks. When the sirens blared, it only took 7 minutes for the kids to get all 18,000 eggs! It was so hot, by 10 am it was 90 degrees and humid. The boys had a blast and it was fun to meet Grandma's pastor.

Don't worry, we didn't leave our crazy in Utah. We enjoyed some green gator popsicles and Maizey wore hers better than anyone else! You may also enjoy the free boob shot courtesy of Shanna. (Yes, she is my sister in law and there isn't anything she can do about it.)

And, you can't really spend a week at Grandma's without spotting a few spare sets of teeth lying around! (I may be disowned for this picture later)
Our last night, Cory decided to get Shanna back for about taking his eye out with a pillow and scared her on the front porch. She returned the favor by walking around in his Harley boots to match her jammies. Oh the fun things families do together on vacation!

We're so glad to be home, it was an early flight. Out the door by 4 am Florida time to catch a delayed flight. The kids were happy to be home and Casey was very happy to be in his own crib. I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow of Jayden's Easter presents...I'll give you a hint.

8 legs

2 tails

2 heads

Any guesses??

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vote Please

I'm really trying desperately to grow my hair out all one length, including my bangs. I feel like I can only wear it one way while it's growing. When I got my hair done, my hair stylist told me there were lots of fun things to do with my length of hair. She took a chunk of my bangs and braided back into my hair and I thought that looked cute, but maybe too young for me? I mean...I am 30!

So, here's another style she told me. Two pony tails, then pin the ends to give it volume and a funky look to it. I should have taken Cory's picture when he saw it...he's NOT a fan. So, I need your help.

A) Too Young

B) Too funky

C) I could pull it off

D) Cute for home, not for work

E) You're not going to vote, because you just silently STALK my blog and never speak up because you don't know me or you know me and don't want me to KNOW you read my blog.

I really liked this picture, thought it was pretty cute!

Some of my pieces were so short, they fell out of the pins towards the end of the day.

Being a Mother = Not for the faint of heart...

Jayden went in today to have 2 crowns and 3 cavities filled. His appointment was at 10 am and he couldn't have anything to eat or drink before. We got there about 9:50 am and ended up waiting until 10:45 before he went back. For those mom's who've had a starving and dehydrated child this was NO fun. Here we are after the first 10 minutes, showing off our muscles because we're both going to be really strong for this big day (I should've taken the xanex) He we are 45 minutes later and the patience is wearing off. This is Jayden scowling at the receptionist who keeps talking about FOOD..I wanted to smack the shit out of her..I'm not gonna lie.

So they finally come out and have Jayden sit in my lap and look at a great box of toys. While he's picking them out, the anesthesiologist pulls out the weapon of choice (needle) and puts it into Jayden's arm. He of course starts screaming and crying and asking me why I didn't tell him they were going to do that :( I'm fairly certain he'll never look at toy shopping the same.

About 2 minutes after he gets this deer in the head lights look and slowly becomes dead weight in my arms. His eyes are open but no one is home. That was the spookiest thing I've ever seen, something is not right about seeing your child in this state. I kept rubbing his forehead and I whispered 'twinkle twinkle little star do you know how loved you are?'

The doctor took him back and said they'd be done in about an hour. Well, as I waited in the lobby I read a book I just bought 'Water for Elephants', let's just say I'm almost half way through the book just from today...LOVE IT!

Any-who...Jayden is finally done and this is how he looked.... After about 40 minutes of this, I sat and listened to his heart on the monitor and rubbed his forehead. He came to and was very confused and drunk like. He tried to stand up and was saying the funniest things, he slurred and eyes rolled back 'Momma, I gotta tell you the truf...I snuck a orange soda and drank the whole thing this morning!' Oh jeez, that's great I'm thinking through my laughter! Then he kept asking me when I was going to take the tape off his face (there wasn't any there) and finally he told me he had the 'dizzies'. He woke up enough to eat a Popsicle... He had a pretty good afternoon, he keeps complaining of a hurt tummy tonight and is pretty tearful. I'm hoping it gets better tomorrow when he's had a chance to eat some more. Casey stayed with the nanny during the whole thing and was happy at the end of the day because brother was ok and he got ICE CREAM!!! Needless to say, for taking the day off work....I'm exhausted!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Thought I'd check in and let you know how Chunk Butt is doing...I can't believe he's almost 2 years old!

He's talking up a storm. He has that cute baby voice still, and high pitched. Here are a few of his favorites:

  • Uh-HUH! (that's how he says yes to everything)

  • Hi-eeeee

  • Why-eee

  • Dadd-Y (everything is Daddy..little stink knows how to say mommy, he likes to tease me)

  • Waaaauuunnn (For counting 1, he hasn't gotten to 2 just yet, but we're getting there)

  • Nana (bananas)

  • Dank--UUUUU (the cutest thank you EVER!)

  • Pwetze

He loves to give high-five's, knuck's (fist pump), and big open mouth kisses. He's running around 100 mph like boys do and come breakfast, lunch or dinner and he's scaling the highchair before we can get him in there.

He has his own language when he's not speaking his new words that he talks all over the house and in the car and sometimes squeals in excitement! I love our cuddle time at night, we read a book and then while he drinks a sippy cup I sing him twinkle little star and then we rock for awhile and cuddle before I lay him down. My favorite is when he snuggles into my neck and hums. He's such a squishy baby, and I'm so thankful I have him. He cracks me up and melts my heart with his smile.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I heard you kissin 'n' smackin!

Are you ready for another edition of 'I can't believe he said that?!' or we could call it 'Jaydenism's' or how about 'I can't believe she posted that!' Well, if we've learned one thing over the course of my three years blogging, there is pretty much nothing left unsaid.

Cory and I went out Saturday night and left the boys with my nephew Cole. You know, the twin my son can't live without!? We went and saw Arthur...which we both thought was funny, we went to Jasoh's on 25th street in Ogden which was not very good.

When we got home and put the kids to bed, Cory had been teasing with me all night about the things he was going to do to me when we got home. I know sometimes I don't always act like it, but I absolutley love how Cory is with me. Most days he acts like he can't keep his hands off me, which sometimes makes my face go red but I love that after all this time together, it still feels like the first time.

One thing lead to another, and when it was all said and done we were turning off the lights (yes ladies..lights ON!) Jayden came in the room and said he couldn't sleep. I put him back to bed and thought to myself..'I wonder if he heard or saw anything?' You never can be too sure with a 5 year old running around the house and when you have kids you really have to be creative sometimes to have that special mommy/daddy together time. I figured if he saw anything he would've said something so off to sleep I went.

The next morning, Cory was getting the kids some cereal and I had just made me a cup of Chai tea when Jayden says 'Hey Daaaaadddddyyyyy ( in a teasing voice) I heard you and mommy kissing and smackin each other last night!

Oh my..I about spit my Chai all over the microwave! I turned my face into the pantry trying not to laugh. Cory held it together for the team and calmly says 'Jayden, mommies and daddies are ALLOWED to kiss. We weren't smacking each other, we were wrestling!' Jayden seemed to be ok with this response and said 'ok.' Then Cory added 'If you don't start staying in your room at night, I'm going to start locking your door!'

I couldn't even look at Jayden throughout breakfast. Later, I told Cory, we weren't smacking each other were we?! He didn't seem to remember that either but either way it was not a good thing. I'm hoping Jayden doesn't decide to share this wonderful memory during school or any other in opportune time. I'm not sure what else to say to him.

Anyone have any great ideas to share on the subject?!

Friday, April 8, 2011

In my next 30 years...

It's taken me awhile to get find some time to post about my 30th Birthday, maybe I've been in denial about it being, here we go! I woke up to a wonderful sign 'Happy 30th Birthday!!' from Cory along with a cute card and he decorated my car with a 'I'm 30 banner!' It was pretty cute.

So, off to work I went..when I arrived, I found my desk, every single part of my desk in wrapping paper! I was spoiled, my old boss Diana brought me flowers and a card, Wrendy got me Stress Relief lotion and candle that smell amazing! I'm wondering if she thinks I'm too stressed?? Nancy got me a cute watch and a couple of people went in and got me a gift certificate to New Image Day Spa. Ü

I was helping a member in the vault and came around the corner to a little blonde boy running at me 100 was Jayden and Casey! Kelsi brought them up to the branch to bring me balloons...cute babies!! Nothing like two sloppy kisses to get me through my day.

I got tons of FB messages...kind of neat to see so many posts from old and current friends. A lot of voice mails and text messages, and even an e-mail and voicemail from my parents in Cabo!

After work, I headed home and Cory made my favorite dinner ~ Spaghetti!! The next night after work, I headed up to Park City with my friends to shop, eat, drink and dance! We hit the outlets and Cory's mom and sissy's joined us. I got some great deals on clothes for the kids, Diane spoiled me as always and spent way too much money. I was able to pick out two cute watches from Fossil, shoes, pants and capri's from Rue 21. We headed to Baja Cantina and spent a few hours and drank many cocktails!

My friends got me the cutest purse from Covet and a cute tank top and shirt with jewelry to match ~ they know me so well. Later that night we headed to Harry~O's, it was so much fun to dance. They had a great DJ and Jenn and I danced until I had sweat dripping everywhere! (Sexy, I know) I LOVE LOVE to dance and don't do it very often. I was wearing high heels so it was great that my feet were drunk, otherwise it may have been painful.

I had a great time with my friends, I won't reveal secrets but there may have been urination in inappropriate places, pants may have split right open and someone may have blown herself up!

Turning 30 wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated, I woke up the next morning married to the man of my dreams and have two beautiful boys to call me mom. Jayden made the day special by saying 'Mommy, I can't believe how OLD you are! Those are a LOT of numbers!' Thanks Jade!

I remember when I was turning 20 I imagined all the things I wanted to do before I turned 30 and I can happily say I've accomplished all of them. I feel like I'm in a good spot in my life and feel so lucky to have a family that is healthy, happy and make me a better person each and everyday, a great job, wonderful friends whom I love and much more. I wish I would've had pictures from Park City but we forgot our camera :( So, here's to my next 30 years!

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