Monday, March 21, 2011

SuRpRiSe it's our 6th Anniversary!

We had a wonderful weekend, and it served as a reminder of just how lucky I am to have Cory in my life! Thursday night, the clock was ticking down to my surprise. Cory started packing a bag and I noticed he was taking 2 of everything. So I asked, 'Are we staying somewhere 2 nights?!' All he would say say is 'I don't know' with a sly smile.

He was starring at the bag for a minute and said, 'I don't think this will fit, should we take a carry on?' The look on my face was priceless as I squealed, 'We're going on a PLANE!!!'

Cory cursed himself, he'd held on to the secret since January and 24 hours before it slipped! I was so excited. He decided to tell me we were headed to Vegas and let me pack my bag. I couldn't even sleep Friday night. Normally, I would've had months of preparation but with this fun surprise it was all slammed into one night! He wouldn't tell me how we were getting to the airport or what we were doing when we got there. This is me that night!

He sent me to work with a card that said 'Do not open until 11:45 am'. That was like torture, I kept staring at the card and finally had to give to my boss to hold until then. Well, at 11:30 I text him and said 'This is killing me, can't I open it???' He replied 'Let's do it!' Apparently he was worried I'd leave work before he got there so the card was empty, he just wanted to make sure he gave himself plenty of time! Little sneak!

He came around the corner of my work just then, dressed in his suit and tie and CLEAN SHAVEN! He's been growing his beard for almost a year and it's the longest its ever been. He loves it because everyone else hates it. I don't mind the long beard I just like it better when it's trimmed nice. He had a rose for me, and two flowers for the girls at work who'd kept his secret. Ü With that, he whisked me away to our car and we headed to the airport! We stopped at El Matador in Bountiful for lunch and I was so excited! I couldn't believe we were about to get on a plane!

When we landed in Vegas, it was warm and sunny...just my style. We waited for ever to get our bags and I kept looking at all the advertisements for things to do there and wondered what we'd be doing and where we'd be staying. When we got to the shuttle, the lady asked 'Where you headed?', Cory replied 'Bellagio!' Ever since we've been together, Cory has always wanted to take me there and stay in a room facing the fountains. I almost started to cry! Here is the view from our room....

It was the most amazing room! You could push a button to open the blinds to look out on the view. We could also see the Eiffel tower and most of the strip. Your TV would play the music along with the fountains, it was amazing.

That night, Cory told me to dress up and for those who know me... I'll use any occasion to put on my best. He then told me we had tickets to Zumanity! Here I am all ready to head out on the town with my man!

We headed to New York New York and had dinner at a beautiful restaurant, Gallagher's. The wine was to die for and when I asked how much the Surf n Turf was...oh don't worry...$85 dollars! Um, thanks I'll pass. So I opted for the Mahi Mahi which was equally divine!

After dinner we headed to Zumanity, the guy at the counter told Cory he should buy me the popcorn. Apparently it's loaded with aphrodisiacs. The guy in front of Cory eating popcorn told his wife, 'This is BEST popcorn I've ever had!' And was shoving mouthful's in. Cory said the worker was hysterical! It was quite the show, very sensual and very riskay! The females were topless and had barely a string on the bottom and the men were basically in g~strings. There was a couple in the front row whom I'm fairly certain had sex while they were watching, it was out of control! We had great seats on the balcony to see the real show and the peep show. We laughed the whole time and the acrobats were amazing. I can't wait to tell my friend Mrs. Flinders about the midget dancer!

By the time the show was over, my feet hurt so bad I walked through 2 hotels with no shoes on. My wonderful husband carried them for me. We slept in until 11 and stayed in bed until 2 pm. We even had room service breakfast in was divine!

Saturday when we finally decided to head out of the room, we went to the M&M factory to get some gifts for the boys. I had never been in there, it was HUGE! I teased Cory and told him this picture was for his girl on girl action!

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at this chocolate store that had a chocolate fountain coming out of the ceiling, it looked divine!

We also were able to see the wonderful strip girls on the corner giving it all they got! I thought Cory was going to die when I whipped out my camera Ü I posted this pic on FB and put on the caption 'I jumped into my bikini to shake my stuff for the onlookers!' No one has seemed to enjoy my humor...I thought I was funny!

Cory told me the final secret of the weekend, tickets to Phantom!! I've seen in San Francisco and he's seen it in SLC. So we were both excited. I'm so lucky to be married to a man who is greasy all week working on machines, running an entire plant, loves trucks and the outdoors but also loves to clean up with a suit and tie and head to the theatre.

We took a cab to the Venetian and had another wonderful dinner. It was a four course meal with delicious food and wine. Our table over looked the canal and the boats going by. We were on a balcony and the restaurant was so romantic. They brought out really delicious tart desserts and served a beautiful dinner. It was quiet and we spent almost two hours talking over dinner. About our families, how things are changing with age and the boys. We talked about what we want when we retire and how things are going with us. I think I wore out the words 'I love you' and 'Thank you.' I just couldn't stop smiling the entire trip. Around every corner was another breath taking surprise. I couldn't believe he'd planned all this.

We walked through the canal shops and the casino after dinner waiting for the show. We headed up to our seats and stopped at the bar to get me another class of Chardonnay. The bartender filled it up and said 'You might want to take a drink while I turn and get the coke' he winked and I didn't need to be told twice! I downed almost the entire glass of wine and he filled it up again for the price of one! However, being as I don't do that everyday, I was sort of spinning through the opening act of Phantom and Cory made me laugh so hard I thought I might drop my full glass!

It was another great night, and in the morning we headed back home. I was anxious to see the boys. I hadn't been gone from Casey for more than a night since he was born. I had a great time and the whole thing was so much fun. It reminded me of why I married Cory and all the fun we have together. Sometimes, life with two small kids can be hectic and stressful and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. I'm so grateful for the relationship I have with my husband, he's the only man whose ever cared about the smile on my face and can so easily put one there. I couldn't ask for a better partner, best friend, father of my children and lover.

Thank you for giving me everything I've ever dreamed of Cory. You have my forever, you have my for always and there's no one else on earth I'd rather stand next too. You make me want to be a better person. I love you.


Kallie said...

Awww, so sweet. Cory earned some serious points with me! Way to go CORY....

You never mentioned the couples massage or the race cars, was that just an idea? Just curious. You are a lucky wife to be spoiled that way, happy anniversary to both of you!

The Green Family said...

Kallie, the race cars and massage was just to trick me Ü

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