Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guessing Game

Things have been busy around the Green house...daylight savings has about done me in! I feel like I could sleep for 48 hours and then some. Busy with work, busy with kids and 30 is fast approaching!

I can tell you Cory's been working a surprise for me for our 6 year anniversary this weekend. I have some hints he's given me and it's been the longest month of my life waiting anxiously to find out what it is!

Here are my hints

  • Pick out 2 formal dresses & 2 casual outfits (He gets to pick out the one he likes)
  • We might be driving race cars
  • We might have a picture taken
  • We have dinner reservations that require formal wear
  • We're staying overnight somewhere
  • My mom has the kids Saturday night
  • He's paid for a late check out (SLEEPING IN HERE I COME!!)
  • Friday, I'm leaving work at 12:00
  • We have an appointment that day for a couples massage

Any ideas?? I'll be sure to post on Monday after my exciting weekend, with pictures and details of it all. Stay tuned...


Kallie said...

I was going to say a cruise? But the fact that your mom only has the kids on Saturday night has me confused.

Can't wait to find out! So exciting for you. Happy Anniversary Cory & Kim.

Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

I was going to say a cruise as well but I don't think they do a 2 day cruise? Hmm...I'm not sure? Vegas? You'll have to for sure let us know! Happy Anniversary and get some sleep!

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