Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burnin Rubber

Let me tell you about my nephew Cole. Or as I know him...Coley.

I love all of my nieces and nephews, however Jayden has always taken a liking to Cole or as he knows him 'Other Ethan'. You may recall this post.

Because the twins are getting older, 14 in May to be excat, they are wonderful to babysit my kids. Well, that and they really can't have a life until 16 so I get to torture them. But don't worry...I pay well.

Because Cole gets along so well with Jayden, he ends up being the one to babysit most often. Sometimes when I'm picking him up or taking him home we'll stop at the store to get some cash or run an errand.

Tuesday night, he was spending the night to help me with the kids before school the next morning. I had to stop in Wal-mart, as we're walking in I look at Cole and not only does he stand an entire head TALLER than me, he is wearing basketball shorts and a Chevron shirt that reads

'I have GAS.' Sweet! We'll fit right in!

He's also to that age where he likes good smelling deodorant like old spice and Axe, always wants gum and wears his hair spiked. My kind of kid! So after I picked up my hair supplies, we past a display with the new Axe deodorant.

I asked him if he wanted some 'Are you serious?' he replies. Sure, why not? I like to contribute my fair share of one less stinky teenager walking around. We're standing in line at the cashier and he tells me 'Aunt Kimmie, you're my favorite.'

Ahhh, to such a humble person like myself it was music to my ears. Never mind I had to BUY his love...oh well it works.

This latest adventure, I decide to let Coley drive my car in his neighborhood. We get in the car and do the usual when teaching a teen to drive.

Seatbelt = Check

'Ok, turn on your blinker to get back on the road.' I explain.

And he grabs the blinker and pulls the brights on the car approaching us!

'No brights, no brights!!'

He's laughing now, and finds the blinker. He gets out on the road with a jolt of the gas and then the screech of the brakes and I hear Jayden fly back in the seat. The whole time he's driving, I keep thinking my car isn't sounding right, and it's not shifting. So we stop about 50 feet in front of a stop sign and then head into his drive way.

When we get out of the car you can smell a horrible burnt smell. Similar to that of burnt rubber.

'Cole, did you have your foot on the brake AND the gas?'

'Um....I don't think so.'

As we're walking up to his door, 'Aunt Kimmie, I think I might've had my foot on the brake.'

'Cole!!! You probably burnt up my brakes you freak!'

We walk inside and Laurie tells me, 'This is why you don't let my kids drive your car!'

'Well I didn't realize that I would need to explain that we only touch one pedal at a time. He's drivin his dad's car before!'

James pipes in and says 'Haven't you met my twins? SPECIAL and Ed!'

Even if he burned my brakes up a little, I love that GIANT kid and I'm so grateful we live close enough that I get to see him and the others whenever I want!'

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