Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bands AID nothing...

Jayden has a staph infection on his pinky.

Do we know how he got it? No
Has it lasted for 2 weeks? Yes
Is he on antibiotics and a regimen of soaking his finger? Yes

He has to keep a band-aid on his pinky at all times to keep the dirt out so this stupid infection will go away. He HATES it. It bothers him to have something on his fingers. So let's be honest. Jayden likes NOTHING unless it's HIS idea.

Like a good mother, Kimberli is there..all the time. Where is your band-aid? Jayden don't touch it, Jayden leave it on, Because I SAID SO, do you WANT to your finger to fall off?? (Ok, the last one is a bit dramatic but c'mon it is ME we're talking about)

Last night in the bathtub, I notice the band-aid is yet again missing.

'Jayden, where is your band-aid?'

'Um, I took it off when I got in the bath'

'No you didn't, I watched you take your clothes off. Did you take it off before you went OUTSIDE to play!!!!???'

'Ummmmm....would that upset you?'

Oh lord, as I giggled to myself, I went ahead and skipped the beating and kissed the forehead of my child who is 21 stuck inside a 5 year old body.


Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

He's just too smart, he's got you figured out! Poor guy though, that's no fun, that's weird he got a staff infection, hopefully it gets better soon!

Grand Pooba said...

Ha! Would that upset you?

That's hilarious!

What a sweetheart!

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