Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jayden's Idea of Cleaning the Toy Room.

Nuf Said.

Make 'em go AH AH AH....

The kids have been going through a rough patch of sickness these last two weeks. Jayden's managed a sore throat, throwing up, staph infection and cough. He's made it through the worst and was finally put on a antibiotic to help with the infection.

This week = Casey's turn.

Last Saturday night we noticed Casey had the worst diaper rash EVER. He's already got sensitive skin so any kind of rash is 10x worse on him. It's like a strip of skin above, on and below his little bum had blistered, then popped and then left exposed skin that was deep purple in color. It has been so sore for him, nothing seems to help. He's been holding it in to avoid it hurting, which hasn't helped either. Even today, 2 days shy of a week it's only about half the size but still there and hurting. He screams when you put him on his changing table until he's done. Big alligator tears fall from his sweet little eyes.

Wednesday night, we could tell he wasn't feeling well. He wouldn't really eat and with Casey that's a sure sign something is up. I gave him some cough syrup and Tylenol then put him to bed. About midnight he woke up crying, when I went into his room to check his diaper I realized he had thrown up in his crib. GREAT. Something about being a mom makes your stomach stronger because if he wasn't mine I'm sure I would've thrown up with him!

If you know Casey, he won't sleep without his blanket and it was covered in yucky. So I cleaned Casey up, put sheets in the washer and headed downstairs to wait. He moaned and whined but was able to drink down some water. When the sheets were cleaned, I was so tired my eyes were burning. I got his sheets in his bedroom and set him down to put his bed together and as I did, he erupted all over his clean sheets and down the front of my open robe. At this point, all I can think to myself is I'm tired, I have a big interview tomorrow and my baby sick.

The tears start to fall and both Casey and I sat in his room crying. I'm fairly certain it could be a Lifetime special. So, I put his sheets back into the washer and was able to salvage his blanket. I rocked him for about 30 minutes and laid him down. I went back to bed and kept thinking I could hear him cry so I couldn't sleep and I knew I couldn't stay home from work the next day. My mind kept racing through all the different scenarios. The only one that stuck over and over was...this just plain SUCKS.

I was able to rest from about 4:30 until the 6 am. I got up and showered, exhausted by the nights events and stressed for my day. I'm one of those people who when they get tired, they get comes hand in hand. I managed to get my contacts in and my make up on. When the nanny arrives, I begin to explain that Casey is sick and then I tears this time. I couldn't even breathe let alone gain composure. This poor girl, I'm surprised she didn't go screaming out the front door. I managed to tell her about Casey, that I'd be calling to check in and then I raced out the door and the last words that managed to escape my mouth were 'Don't have kids anytime soon!'

I got in my car and started drying my eyes and thinking to myself, pull it together Kimberli! I texted Cory to tell him his wife is a chocolate mess and he responds 'It's ok, breathe in and out, in and out!'

I decided to turn on a song to help me realize that I can DO this today. I can go to work on 2 hours of sleep, leave my sick baby without me and give the best interview of my life! Katy Perry 'Fireworks'

As I'm singing along....

'Do you ever feel so paper thin,
like a house of cards one blow from caving in?'.....
'You just gotta ignite the light
and let it shine,
just own the night
like the Fourth of July...
Cause Baby you're a FIREWORK...
C'mon show 'em what your WORTH...
Make 'em go AH AH AH...
as you shoot across the sky-y-y!

My mom told me once, 'Anyone can do anything for a certain amount of time.' that statement has helped me through so many moments, I'm not sure she'll ever know the power in that sentence. I turned the heater on full blast and stuck my eyes as close as I could so the heat could dry my eyes out. I was hoping it would singe my tear ducts so I COULDN'T cry anymore.

Well, I did it. I managed to stay at work all day, made it to my interview. Although I possibly looked like someone strung out on drugs, I delivered a great interview. Did I get the job? Who knows, probably not but I am glad I went through the experience. It helps me become better and ready for the next opportunity.

I stayed home with Casey today, got some more sleep and he's resting right now. Still not eating, but able to drink PediLite and some applesauce. I feel better than yesterday, Jayden and I are having a Jammie day. Although, my jammie day included a shower, blow dryer through the hair and glasses on. Jayden wasn't quite as eager, but that's ok.

Trials like this help to realize how strong I really am, what a great support system I have at home with Cory. With my sisters and Mom who always check on me and care. Even people at work. One of the girls I work with brought me a cute 'good luck' card complete with a twix treat. Little things like that just make my day.

The other great thing to note, I did this all without overdosing myself in medication. Tempting, but made it through!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bands AID nothing...

Jayden has a staph infection on his pinky.

Do we know how he got it? No
Has it lasted for 2 weeks? Yes
Is he on antibiotics and a regimen of soaking his finger? Yes

He has to keep a band-aid on his pinky at all times to keep the dirt out so this stupid infection will go away. He HATES it. It bothers him to have something on his fingers. So let's be honest. Jayden likes NOTHING unless it's HIS idea.

Like a good mother, Kimberli is there..all the time. Where is your band-aid? Jayden don't touch it, Jayden leave it on, Because I SAID SO, do you WANT to your finger to fall off?? (Ok, the last one is a bit dramatic but c'mon it is ME we're talking about)

Last night in the bathtub, I notice the band-aid is yet again missing.

'Jayden, where is your band-aid?'

'Um, I took it off when I got in the bath'

'No you didn't, I watched you take your clothes off. Did you take it off before you went OUTSIDE to play!!!!???'

'Ummmmm....would that upset you?'

Oh lord, as I giggled to myself, I went ahead and skipped the beating and kissed the forehead of my child who is 21 stuck inside a 5 year old body.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burnin Rubber

Let me tell you about my nephew Cole. Or as I know him...Coley.

I love all of my nieces and nephews, however Jayden has always taken a liking to Cole or as he knows him 'Other Ethan'. You may recall this post.

Because the twins are getting older, 14 in May to be excat, they are wonderful to babysit my kids. Well, that and they really can't have a life until 16 so I get to torture them. But don't worry...I pay well.

Because Cole gets along so well with Jayden, he ends up being the one to babysit most often. Sometimes when I'm picking him up or taking him home we'll stop at the store to get some cash or run an errand.

Tuesday night, he was spending the night to help me with the kids before school the next morning. I had to stop in Wal-mart, as we're walking in I look at Cole and not only does he stand an entire head TALLER than me, he is wearing basketball shorts and a Chevron shirt that reads

'I have GAS.' Sweet! We'll fit right in!

He's also to that age where he likes good smelling deodorant like old spice and Axe, always wants gum and wears his hair spiked. My kind of kid! So after I picked up my hair supplies, we past a display with the new Axe deodorant.

I asked him if he wanted some 'Are you serious?' he replies. Sure, why not? I like to contribute my fair share of one less stinky teenager walking around. We're standing in line at the cashier and he tells me 'Aunt Kimmie, you're my favorite.'

Ahhh, to such a humble person like myself it was music to my ears. Never mind I had to BUY his love...oh well it works.

This latest adventure, I decide to let Coley drive my car in his neighborhood. We get in the car and do the usual when teaching a teen to drive.

Seatbelt = Check

'Ok, turn on your blinker to get back on the road.' I explain.

And he grabs the blinker and pulls the brights on the car approaching us!

'No brights, no brights!!'

He's laughing now, and finds the blinker. He gets out on the road with a jolt of the gas and then the screech of the brakes and I hear Jayden fly back in the seat. The whole time he's driving, I keep thinking my car isn't sounding right, and it's not shifting. So we stop about 50 feet in front of a stop sign and then head into his drive way.

When we get out of the car you can smell a horrible burnt smell. Similar to that of burnt rubber.

'Cole, did you have your foot on the brake AND the gas?'

'Um....I don't think so.'

As we're walking up to his door, 'Aunt Kimmie, I think I might've had my foot on the brake.'

'Cole!!! You probably burnt up my brakes you freak!'

We walk inside and Laurie tells me, 'This is why you don't let my kids drive your car!'

'Well I didn't realize that I would need to explain that we only touch one pedal at a time. He's drivin his dad's car before!'

James pipes in and says 'Haven't you met my twins? SPECIAL and Ed!'

Even if he burned my brakes up a little, I love that GIANT kid and I'm so grateful we live close enough that I get to see him and the others whenever I want!'
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