Monday, January 24, 2011

What we've been up to...

We try to have Grandpa over once in awhile, this time I decided to put him to work! Here he is helping me and Jayden with Sticky Buns.
Jayden's gourmet ribs & rice, salad and his favorite hot cocoa after helping Dad in the garage.

Casey's been up to all kinds of trouble, here is his latest invention to turn on/off the lights a hundred times. I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we're sending Morris Code.

A regular occurrence on Mondays. How many monkey's can fit in a chair?
My niece got an e-mail account through school. The first day I got about 18 messages from her, it's funny to see her messages and trying to decipher the code. Here is the latest
'kimmy my mom gust got a lleeckerir fiyswoter it is cool but when the bugs die it stinks up the house'

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