Monday, January 10, 2011

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

So, the big NUMBER is fast approaching this year. Yes, the one where I'm no longer considered to be in my 20's but now in the popular 30's. My friends are slowly all becoming victims of this life event.

I've spent the better part of the last 5 years thinking of all the ways I could bring in my 30th birthday. For some reason, this feels like a huge milestone or destination that is slowly approaching. I've turned the corner and the speed is picking up. Almost like I've come over the top of a huge hill and now, no matter how much I stall, it's the downhill approach and gravity is rapidly pulling me.

I've contemplated all the things I could do to celebrate this milestone. Parties, maybe taking time to remember my last 30 years. Of all the things I've thought about, I secretly like to be surprised too.

Cory knows this fact about me and he's started to plan. I know this because I told him the other day of something I was thinking about buying for my 30th and he got this look on his face. He said, "Before you start making big plans, just know I've spent your birthday money. It's a big year, so I wanted to do something special." Then knowing my brain, he added "No, it's not a big diamond or a trip somewhere." Hey, a girl can dream right?

I wonder if he said that to throw me off. I asked if I should start tanning, or if I needed to take time off work. Thinking it might be a trip somewhere. He kept saying 'maybe, or possibly'. I LOVE to be surprised, but I also love to guess which drives my husband INSANE. He always says "If you love surprises so much WHY do you keeping giving me opportunities to mess it UP?!"

Poor Cory, how does he put up with a girl like me?

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Jenn said...

Hmmm. Maybe he is going to take you to Golden Corral to eat with peep's your own age :) Love you too!!

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