Monday, January 3, 2011

Splittin the ShEeTs...

No...not Cory and I, were you nervous?!

Today was our usual Monday, picked up Harry & Alison in the AM. Had breakfast, dressed the kids and headed to take Jayden to school. I did the normal chores, finished the laundry, cleaned up toys and got dinner in the crock pot.

I decided with it being so cold, I'd take the kids to McDonald's to run out some energy before nap time. After I carried my 30 lb starving baby back and forth to fill up drinks, get happy meals and set up the table for 4 crazed children to eat and run for 60 minutes, I happened to hear the couple next to me.

They were highlighting dates on calendars and I could hear them talking about holidays and birthdays. There was a little girl running to and from their table, and I realized they were deciding how to split custody of the little spitfire who was successful in slapping both Jayden and Harrison right in the eyeball. In light of their conversation I decided NOT to give them a lesson on how to teach their child not to hit others.

As they highlighted the dates, you could sense some tension but rather civil I would think. They talked about rules when each had their turns, like if the daughter wanted to talk to the other parent during the away time they should let her and what times they would do pick up and drop off. When it was time for the mom to leave, they each signed their calendars. Mom picked up the little girl and said 'I love you, give mommy a kiss I will see you on Thursday.' When the mom left, the dad picked up his cell phone and said to whoever was listening 'We're done.. yeah it went ok. She caved and gave me the dates I wanted and her birthday!'

I know it wasn't my place to listen, but I did. I felt so lucky to have Cory and share our lives together with our kids. I've gone through divorce and it's hard enough without children. Cory was gone all last week and it's lonely being a single parent. The kids missed Cory so much and I did too. Snow blowing the driveways, dinner/dishes/bath time all by myself. So many things I take for granted with Cory. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and it's so true. I know I'm going to LOVE him being home and back to normal routine. I'm so lucky to have the love of my husband and the great life we share. So glad that I don't have to kiss Jayden & Casey and say 'See you on Thursday' each week.

Funny how a simple trip to McDonald's can give you an opportunity to be reminded of the simple pleasures in life.


Kallie said...

What else did you have to do while the little ones were off having fun? I would have totally been listening too, its what I do best!

That is really sad, and I think we do take those little things for granted. Like being able to have our kids with us EVERY HOLIDAY! Every time Bryce works out of town, it makes me think more about how hard it would be as a single mom.

Jani said...

It is so sad to see what the little ones go thru when the parents get divorced. I watch my little neighbor boy that is friends with Kolt go thru this and it just breaks my heart. It's hard for Kolt because he only has him as a friend every once in a while because he is either never there or when he is there he is spending time with his mom. ( the dad has custody) so sad- We are truly blessed to have husbands that help out- There is NO way I could do it on my own that is for sure. I tend to have a wandering ear too and I do have to agree it keeps things pretty interesting. I wonder who he called??? Maybe the new girlfriend? Sad :o(

Ashley said...

Very sad. Even when its all said and done it can still get messy. Thank-you for always reminding everyone of the simple joys of life.

The Green Family said...

I'm so proud of these COMMENTS!!! Please, please, please keep them coming. They give me inspirtiation to keep posting random thoughts! Ü

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