Friday, January 28, 2011

And you thought the butt dialer was good.....

Earlier this month, someone made a mistake and dialed my work phone by accident leaving a wonderful message behind. I believe Karma may be knocking at my door.

Buckle your seat belts, hang on tight and enjoy the laughs at MY expense this time! Only one rule while reading this blog....NO JUDGING. Ok judge, who am I kidding...I've probably judged you Ü

Tuesday night, Cory and I had indulged in some parental extra curricular activities. For those that didn't catch that, I'll spell it out (S.E.X.) The next morning, while Jayden is watching cartoons in our bedroom, he comes into the bathroom and says 'Mommy, why are Daddy's panties under his PILLOW???'

I said 'Oh that silly Daddy, they must have fallen out of the laundry basket.' (Yes, I was proud of myself for the quick response)

I text Cory to tell him that his eldest child wants to know why his panties are under his pillow, he responds 'LOL, what did you say?'

So, being the naughty sexting kitten that I am, I write a funny little message that reminds him of some comments he made last night and there may have been a message of orders to 'drop his panties'.

I don't hear back from Cory which I thought was strange because I thought he'd send me his own little naughty message. He gets busy in the mornings some days at work so I chalked it up to that.

Fast forward 2 hours.

I'm at my desk at work and a text comes through. From my House Keeper.

'Um, did you mean to send me that text?'

I did NOT send a text to her today...panic starts to set in...No. It can't Be. I check my sent messages. Cory didn't respond to the dirty message because I sent the dirty text message to my House Keeper. Yes, that's right, the freakin House Keeper.


My face went about 10 shades of red and I text back to tell her I was mortified and so embarrassed and that I was very sorry! She seemed to understand and text back this,

'That's ok! I just figured whomever it was meant for would want to read that punchline!'

Why the hell am I even allowed to touch technology..don't ask me, I have NO idea. I think I can add this to my top 10 list of most embarrassing moments of my life. This is even worse than when I was typing something mean about someone at work and SENT the message to the very person I was talking about!

Now, let's ponder the positives.

1. It wasn't a picture. (I'd had to fire her ass for sure if it would've been a picture. And, don't tell me you've never done it or thought about it...LIARS)
2. It didn't go to my boss or a co-worker
3. It was more explicit lyrics...believe me, of all the qualities Cory and I have as a couple, entertaining each other while we're away and keeping the bedroom life alive is NOT one of our problems!)

Alright, now that you've read my story and you laughed and judged...the least you can do is leave me a comment!!


Jones' said...

haha! nice Kimberli! I recently went back east for a funeral and my cousin had my phone to contact relatives. He took it upon himself to also text a few numbers labeled "do not call" and "do not answer" questions like, why are you labeled "do not call" what did you do to her?

Kimberly said...

OMG...I would have died of embarrassment. But at least the housekeeper was cool about it!

Kallie said...

That's hilarious, you peaked my curiosity now I wonder what the text said. I love your stories, the way you tell them is great!

Since when did you get housekeeper?

Jaime said...

The only thing I want to know....was it Rusty's wife?
You are such a freak, Cory can't even keep up with you! I love you!

The Green Family said...

Cortney! I'm glad I didn't get a phone call labeled, 'do not call!'

Kallie, I'm glad you like the story and I will call you to fill you in on the whole story Ü I started having someone come once a month to help me with the deep cleaning in the house. I was having her come every two weeks but the hubster thought that was a little much!

The Green Family said...

Jaime, NO IT WASN'T!!! Smart Ass.

Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

Your a dork! For reals, something like that would happen to you! Actually something like that would happen to me! No judgment from me, I think it's hilarious!

Morgan said...

Oh Kim!!! I love you!! That is so funny!! I want to hear the whole story.... we need to go to dinner!!

Jani said...

Nanny & Housekeeper- Man what am I doing wrong? I think I must work in the wrong Dept/Branch.... Lucky Girl! I love to read your funny stories Ü

JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

Kimberli you are freakin hilarious!! I love your blog, I will be a daily reader :)
I miss working with you.

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