Friday, December 17, 2010


1. A failure to understand something correctly.
2. A disagreement or quarrel

Let's dissect this definition for a moment. I can't think of one instance where one definition applies without the other. This week, I've experienced both. I can't even fathom how quickly a misunderstanding happened this week...through e-mail nontheless.

One minute, plans were being made and the next little tiny demons took place of normal people including myself and all Hell broke loose. Here's one of the many places I experience a flaw in myself. I allow myself to be so upset and hurt by the things other people think of me or that I feel they are thinking about me. I tend to lose myself in the situation. I think about it 24-7. In the morning while I get ready, at work, at night. I lose my appetite, it exhausts me.

Then, because it weighs heavy on my mind, I talk to other people about it. Usually those who are involved and then the situation gets fired up. It's like I'm building my side, my team. Almost like a pep rally. They're wrong, you're right, go team ..go team FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!' This hardley ever does anything good, other than elevate already strong emotions.

It's unfortunate the assumptions are made, emotions are high and feelings are hurt so quickly and are forever lasting. What maybe would've been different had the conversation been in person, face to face with the ability to clarify intent before assumptions have a chance to be made.

All I can say at this point about the entire scenario is that it leaves me feeling defeated.

A relationship becomes easier when you realize that you don't have to be the one at fault to be the one who's sorry. ~Robert Brault


Jenn said...

I hope I wasn't the demon. They overtake me quite often!! :)

Kallie said...

I struggle with worrying so much about what people think of me too. I think we both need to overcome that! Who cares right? That's the attitude we should have.

Ashley said...

Misunderstandings are always hard. I hope that you know that you are very much appreciated for all that you do.

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