Friday, December 17, 2010

I found Christmas

It's been a busy and stressful few days as always (I'm beginning to think I start every post with that) I decided it was time to MAKE Christmas appear. After work yesterday, I picked up the boys and headed home to bake the day away.

I grabbed my iTouch and logged onto Pandora for some Mariah Carey Christmas music to blast throughout the kitchen while Jayden and I prepared to make our annual neighbor goodies. I told Jayden, 'We can't bake Christmas cookies without wearing some Christmas socks!!' So I grabbed a pair out of my drawer. Jayden is looking at me with an intrigued face and says 'Mom, you got any more of those in that drawer??' For you, Bug...anything.

With our Christmas socks in tow, holiday music blaring away, we proceeded to destroy my kitchen making all kinds of goodies. Sugar cookies with icing, peanut butter cup cookies, chocolate chip cookies and peppermint chews. We danced and sang to our spatulas 'All I want for Christmas', 'Jingle Bell Rock' and more. Casey joined in bouncing up and down.

Jayden lost interest after about 20 minutes, so I was left alone in the kitchen baking while the boys played downstairs. I was listening to the words of a certain Christmas song, and noticed that it really means to MAKE the holidays mean something by giving into the spirit of it and creating the feelings. Not just waiting for it to appear.

I baked for about 4 hours, then had Jayden and Cole delivered the treats. One more task on my list checked off before the holidays arrive. I may not be Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart, I used pre-mixed cookies and dough, but I loved every minute of it and it was a nice distraction from the rest of the world that always seems to be waiting at the door.

Thanks for the memories, boys. I love you.


Jenn said...

I don't recall getting a delivery???? :(

Kallie said...

Me either! I am close enough to be a neighbor right? I love Christmas baking, I think you just started a new tradition. I love the sock idea.

Amber said...

YUM!!! I want some cookies! We haven't done that yet this year but I am actually done with my shopping. I guess I traded one for the other. :)

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