Thursday, December 23, 2010

BiRtHdAyS GaLoRe!!

Presents GaLoRe!
Blowing out the 4-Wheeler Cake

Just one or two of our closest fRiEnDs!!

We celebrated Green style for Jayden's 5th birthday and Cory's 33rd. I can't believe I have a freakin 5 year old! It was a great night, we decided to take it easy this year and not do dinner for everyone. We had cake and ice cream. It wouldn't be a Cory birthday with out Farr's PlayDough.
Jayden made out like a bandit and got great gifts, Nerf guns (with a clip mom!) clothes, games, and two big gifts. Grandma Deny (Diane) got him a DS Lite, Grandma Jo got him some games and some clothes. Daddy decided to top the cake (literally) with a 4-Wheeler! He's been talking about it for about two months now, every time we asked Jayden what he wanted for Christmas or his birthday, the answer was a 4-wheeler. So, we kept it a secret and Cory brought it home last night before the party.
After Jayden opened up his gifts, we told him to take his Grandma to his room to show her his new toys. We had everyone sneek into the garage and when he came out we all yelled
He was in shock for about 5 seconds and then went straight to the bike. We got some video that I will attempt to patient!
He's in love with the bike, he kept telling his dad 'I love you so so so much Dad' 'We're gonna have this 4-wheeda forEVA!!' I love to see the excitement in his eyes and Cory's. We've taken our fair share from the critics. Telling us we're spoiling him and creating a monster.

Jayden has his moments with or without 4-wheelers and DS's. As a mom, I love that we can give these nice things to him and that hopefully he wants for nothing. I am a lucky mom to be married to someone who loves to surprise his kids and gets just as excited as they do for the 'boy toys'.
Happy Birthday Boys, I love you.


Jani said...

How exciting! Jayden will remeber this forever. I am with you, I like to buy my boys nice things too- I had them growing up and I think my kids deserve them too. That's why we stopped at 2 kids so we can spoil them if we can afford to and want to! My boys LOVE their 4 wheelers!

Kallie said...

So then what is left to buy him for Christmas??? Spoiled!!

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