Monday, October 4, 2010

Taste of my own Medicine

We all know Mr. Jayden and his ability to take me the edge of insanity most days. I am the first to admit I lose patience with him more than I should, and the other day he gave me a taste of just how impatient I am with him sometimes.

When he acts out, I'll say 'Jayden, do we talk like that?! NO!' 'Jayden, do we push brother?! NO!'

I'm always asking him questions and then answering with a real smart alleck tone. You know, like they teach you do in all the parenting classes you get BEFORE you have children.

On with the story...

I met Cory at my grandpa Earle's on Saturday to pick up the kids, as he was helping move the last of the stuff out and fix some last minute items. I drove the truck home because the seats were already buckled in, and this is the conversation that transpired.

"Mom, drive careful the tail gate to Blue (Cory's old truck he is working on) is in the back of the truck."

"Why is the tail gate to Blue in the back of the truck?"

"Ah, Mom, do we have any other trucks that run?....NO!'

I was laughing too hard to be mad...gave me a serious wake up call on how I talk to my son.

You know, for how good sex sure make up for it with the pains that come with children Ü

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