Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear Jayden...

So many times I hear of Mom's who don't have the chance to see their children grow up. Something happens that takes them away, for whatever reason their time ends short here on earth. I take for granted my time with you, and as we sit here watching cartoons while brother is sleeping, I wanted to write you this letter to let you know how much you mean to me

From the moment the nurse walked in and told me I was pregnant, I knew you were something special. Your daddy and I were so excited to be parents! You came into this world in a hurry and state of chaos and you've lived your life in that same state of mind since. Everything about you is perfect, you are so very handsome and have a smile that melts my heart. Things are always done on your time and you can't be rushed. Most of the time, I'm doing my best to keep up with you.

I love how smart you are and how you always want to know where, why, who and when. Always so curious and although it gets you into trouble most days makes you the wonderful person you are. I love watching you grow from my baby into a little man. You are so social just like your mommy and it's amazing to see you make friends and your love to be with people. I love our conversations and even when you ask me hard or silly questions I hope we always can talk about everything.

I love how when no one else is around, you become calm and like to snuggle in my lap or Dad's. It makes me smile when we're driving in the car and out of no where you tell me that you love me. I love how when you're happy, no matter where we're at you blow me a kiss and make the cutest face. I love when we snuggle at bedtime and we make up stories together about dragons that fly and how you train them to behave.

I love watching you with Casey and seeing how much he loves you. You're the only one who can make him giggle until he can't breathe. You are an awesome big brother and it makes me full of joy to see you taking care of Casey.

I love your giggles, your smiles, your boyish charm with all the cuts, bruises, smelly mysteries, surprise wrestle matches with Dad, non stop attitude. Most of all Jayden, I love you. You've made me a better person, stronger than I ever knew I could be and taught me unconditional love. Because there is nothing you could ever do or say that would make me stop loving you. I'll always be here for you, fighting for you, cheering you on and being amazed by you every single day.

I'm so proud to be your mother.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black Island Farms

BRAVO Arts Academy had their annual field trip to Black Island Farms. I took the day off work to spend with Jayden and it was the best day we've had together in a long time. We had fun just the two of us walking around, he got to feed the animals, ride slides, take a train ride, jump on a air pumpkin and then we ended the day with a tractor ride to pick out the BEST pumpkin! It was a sunny day and perfect for a sack lunch outside and some fun mommy and Jayden time.

On the way home we were both quiet listening to the radio and out of the silence Jayden whispered from the back seat 'I love you Mom.' For those of you who know my son, this was a perfect ending to the perfect day.

I love you Bug.

The Perfect Pumpkin
It's a LLAMA!!

Loving the baby goats

My handsome man.

Halloween Party

Last week we headed to a couple we just met through KSL.
Right now you're thinking....what kind of couple are we talking about?
Well, have no worries we met them through Cory buying and selling truck parts. Tim is the same as Cory only he has about 60 + cars..Cory and Jayden are in heaven at their house. We went to dinner last month and they invited us to their Halloween party and it turned out to be pretty fun! We carved pumpkins and had a contest, ate dinner and they had a magician coming but it was so cold we went home early, anyway, it was a great night. I'm excited for the trunk or treat with Laurie next Saturday!
Daddy and Monkey Mash
Homemade Rootbeer with Dry Ice

The professional face painting

My version for Jayden (Don't worry, I won't quit my day job)

Casey in his Monkey Cop Mobile

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You're Full...I'm Full

There are numerous experiences a mother goes through with her children, they start during pregnancy and continue through birth and life. Every experience is different. Let me share one with you and then you can tell me if I've lost my mind.

I think this stems from nursing my babies....if they don't eat enough or I feel like they aren't getting enough I feel a strange pain or uneasiness. I could tell when they nursed, if they finished on both sides and I felt 'drained' then I felt a comfort because I knew they were full.

Well, this strange phenomenon continues as they get older. When Casey sits for a meal and eats a good amount of food or finishes everything I give him, I feel full. No matter if I've eaten or not, if he's satisfied, then I am. I can't even describe the feeling I get

Is that strange?

Monday, October 4, 2010

My MiLkShAkE brings all the boys to the yard....

Ok, my milkshakes don't bring all the boys.... but they do bring these two boys in for a drink and a sweet milk mustache.

Taste of my own Medicine

We all know Mr. Jayden and his ability to take me the edge of insanity most days. I am the first to admit I lose patience with him more than I should, and the other day he gave me a taste of just how impatient I am with him sometimes.

When he acts out, I'll say 'Jayden, do we talk like that?! NO!' 'Jayden, do we push brother?! NO!'

I'm always asking him questions and then answering with a real smart alleck tone. You know, like they teach you do in all the parenting classes you get BEFORE you have children.

On with the story...

I met Cory at my grandpa Earle's on Saturday to pick up the kids, as he was helping move the last of the stuff out and fix some last minute items. I drove the truck home because the seats were already buckled in, and this is the conversation that transpired.

"Mom, drive careful the tail gate to Blue (Cory's old truck he is working on) is in the back of the truck."

"Why is the tail gate to Blue in the back of the truck?"

"Ah, Mom, do we have any other trucks that run?....NO!'

I was laughing too hard to be mad...gave me a serious wake up call on how I talk to my son.

You know, for how good sex sure make up for it with the pains that come with children Ü
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