Monday, September 13, 2010

Whoa is ME

Days go by so quickly...I can't believe it's already September.

Work is going well, I finished up my lending classes and have been waiting since June to take my test. Hopefully, everything will be in order for me to take the test in October. I can't believe how busy the branch is. The people I work with are great and keep me laughing everyday, which for those who have worked with me is a MUST!

What I'm having a hard time with is making everyone happy..(I know, who would've thought?!) I work until 6:15 or 6:30 each night which doesn't get me home until 7 pm. Cory has the kids for 4 hours on his own Tues/Wed/Fri and then from 8-4 pm on Saturdays to accommodate my schedule. He is so great with the boys, Casey spends so much time with his Dad he cries when he leaves. By the time I get home, Cory is ready for a break and struggles on Saturdays when he could be getting things done around the house or yard. I can't blame him, that's a lot of on your time with the kids. So I find myself rushing home from work to relieve him and then if I have errands or something I want to do after work, it causes tension.

I also find if I take a longer lunch at work to get something done, it makes everyone else's schedule off. I haven't had a sick day (knock on wood) in 2010. Because I have to trade to have a Saturday off if I need, I don't use that much vacation. Even taking a week of in July, I've already built back up to almost 4 weeks of leave between sick/vacation since having Casey. When my family needs help, it's almost impossible to arrange time to do it. Between work and finding sitters for the kids it's damn near a miracle if it happens.

So, what's a working girl to do? Blog about it for therapy and keep busting her tail to reach her goals. Let's just hope the hubby and kids don't all end up in the nut house along the way!


Rob'n'Mon said...

Sad story! Definitely a benefit of being in the departments. At least you're building up that bank of leave. Maybe you can leave early on Christmas Eve - now that you have vacation time. ;)

Kallie said...

I wish I could say it will get easier, but the older your kids get the harder it is to juggle things. Good thing you have a supportive husband! You are doing a great job, just keep trying. And don't forget to put some personal time in for yourself, so you don't end up in the looney bin with them.

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