Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cement, stairs, rocks, snakes and why I wasn't built for manual labor.

This weekend, Cory and I had planned to take the kids to Star Valley with my parents. After every Holiday this year racing to get packed, toting the kids all over and yard projects piling up.. we cancelled the trip.

Cory pulled out all the rocks in the backyard over the last several weeks and now it was time to build the cement wall. We rented a trailer full of cement Saturday morning, I was mowing the lawn and Cory was trying to determine how to get the cement from the trailer to the small space of the cement wall. There wasn't a funnel to pour the cement out of and the spout was at least 6 feet in the air. Just as I turned my back, I heard a huge thud. There stood Cory with the trailer tipped all the way over and 12,000 lbs cement all over the RV pad. I stopped mowing and grabbed a shovel. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and with the look on Cory's face I didn't dare to either. With a few moments of silence, Cory turns to me with a sly smile and says 'I figured this was the only way to get you to help shovel.'

We laughed and then worked our tails off. Shoveling over and over to get the cement in its place before it started drying. Cement is HEAVY. Sweat dripping from our foreheads, it was sizzling hot. Cory was smoothing cement out and I looked down to see blood start pouring out of his nose. He literally put blood and sweat into that project!

Later that night we went to dinner and a movie with his mom Diane at the Junction. As we left the car in the parking garage and started down the steps, my leg had a epileptic seizure and down I went... almost a whole flight of stairs. Good thing Cory was in the way. I landed with all my weight on the edge of the step right on my ass. OuCh. I was laughing and crying at the same time and my cheeks flooded with the heat of embarrassment. With no other accidents that night we enjoyed our date.

Today, again at work in the back yard. I was scooping up dirt from the last project with the tractor and glanced over just as Casey grabbed the handle of the wheelbarrow full of rocks and it started to tip in his direction. I dropped my shovel and took three wide strides towards him. The last stride, my ankle buckled under a rake as I caught Casey. It was the kind of sprain that made you want to swear and throw up in the same breath. I decided it was time and safest to lay Casey down for his afternoon nap.

I went back outside and limped to the front yard to get the hose to spray of some dirt from the curbing. Just as I reached my hand into the secondary water box I looked down as I heard the leaves russle and saw the thick end of the snake escaping right by my hand. I screamed and started running towards Cory. He yells 'Stop running, your going to hurt your ankle worse!'

I tried to yell, but only a ghastly whisper came out. It was like fear was choking my throat so I couldn't talk. 'S.N.A.K.E, there is a SNAKE!!!'

Cory and Jayden were my brave snake wrestlers, but with no avail. He got away before they could get him. I told Cory, 'You realize I'm NEVER turning on the water again, right?' Cory again with the sly smile 'Yes, I'm FULLY aware.'

I've told Cory time and time again, I wasn't built for manual labor. I can keep a damn clean house and pride myself on cooking, laundry and picking up every single day after the boys. When it comes to yard work and manual labor, my body just doesn't cut it. I had no idea it was going to take this to prove it to him.

Excuse me now...I'm going to ice my ankle and put the rest of my body in a steaming SNAKE free bubble bath.


Rob'n'Mon said...

Poor thing! What a weekend you've had.

Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

Gees, sounds rough! I think you should have gone to Star Valley, much more relaxing!

Amber said...

I didn't know weather to laugh or cry with you while reading this. What a weekend. I think you need a break and you and Cory need a night out without a staircase, tractor, or cement involved.

Kallie said...

Wow, you deserve that "HOT" bath! I am the same way, I complain anytime I have to do hard things especially in the heat. What would we do without our wonderful husbands? I want to see pictures of the final product! Dax plays Jayden's soccer team on Thurs, hope to see you there!

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