Monday, September 27, 2010

CaSeY Baby...

Watching brother play T-Ball
Wishing he was going to school with Brother

Wearing Brothers Hoody

Melting my heart.
Just a little update of our little Chunk Butt. He's busy walking, playing and learning. His favorite thing to do is be outside. When it's time to come in he sticks out that adorable bottom lip and cries. He is in love with Jayden Bug, as you can see from the pictures above. He hasn't started talking just yet, and I'm in no rush for that. He says. 'Uh-oh', 'Mo (more)' and usually 'Da-Da'.
He is different from big brother in many ways, he still LOVES to eat! His favorite is to sit on Dad's lap at the dinner table and eat with us. He is tender hearted and his feelings get hurt easy. When we say no, he listens for the most part. He has the cutest laugh and Bug can get him laughing so hard he almost can't breathe.
We were at my parent's last night and my dad said 'I know you wanted a little girl Kimmie, but that little boy is too cute, lovable and irreplaceable.' I must say...I agree!!
We love you chunk!

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