Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My ouchies are BIGGER....

Just when I think I've heard EVERY argument in the book between Jayden and Harrison...I'm yet again surprised.

I was driving home from picking up Laurie's kids in the morning last Monday, the usual conversations were taking place. Alison is mumbling to Casey, Casey is happily humming and Jayden and Harry are in the midst of toddler 'peeing contest'.

Those two are so competitive with each other. Seriously, we have to be fair with everything. Whoever gets to pick where they sit in the car, the other gets to pick which plates they eat on for lunch or what room they sleep in for nap time, and so on and so on. If we don't follow these rules the arguments go on and on. 'Mom, tell Hay-son I'm funnier.' 'He won't give me that truck' 'He has the big bike' 'I want that color', etc etc.

This morning, Harrison was scratching his leg where he'd gotten some scraps from camping the previous weekend. Jayden, being ever so observant says

'Hay-son' (He can't pronounce his 'r's)
'I've got more ouchie's than YOU do!'

Seriously, we're starting before we even get home!


Jani said...

Welcome to my world sweetie- Wait until Casey can talk back to Jayden,It must be something with boys Ü

Kallie said...

I completely understand, Dax & Jayden do the exact same thing every Friday. Oh, the joy's of little boys!

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