Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Bye Fishy Fishy

Tonight we realized that our eldest fish had passed away. He was our biggest fishy and this was very upsetting to Jayden. As we laid in bed for our nightly ritual of mommy ~ son talks, again I'm left giggling and so thankful he is mine.
Jayden: 'Mom, do you think that fish died cuz he choked on the worm I fed him?'
Me: 'I don't think so Jade.'
Jayden: 'You think he spit it out?'
Me: 'I don't know.'
After several seconds of silence..
Jayden: 'Mom, have you ever seen a fish spit? Like this?'
He proceeds to make a spit noise and now I'm laughing hysterically!
Me:'Jayden, where did you come from?'
Jayden: 'God.'
Jayden: 'Mom, if I didn't OWN you then God would've sent me to another family.'
'I'm soooo glad God chose me for your mom Jade!'
I LOVE our conversations...sometimes I wonder where he comes up with all this stuff. Keeps Cory and I our toes for sure Ü


Grand Pooba said...

How sweet! He goes from talking about spit to God! LOL!

Kallie said...

He does come up with some funny stuff. I was just telling Bryce the other night, how I really love this age. They say things that sound so profound, and you are wondering where in the world they learned it.

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