Monday, July 12, 2010

What a MESS!

Saturday at work, Cory called to tell me he had found some really nice fruitless crab apple trees for the front yard. Somehow, digging holes for trees means renting a HUGE tractor and that equals digging trenches in the front yard for our down spouts. This is what I came home to after work...YIKES! I'll be sure to include after pictures so you can see when my yard gets back to normal.

This was just the begging of the mess
My beautiful new crab apple trees Ü

I think he just wanted an excuse to play with a tractor.


Kallie said...

I was actually thinking that when I started reading your post "he just wanted to play with a tractor". He was telling Bryce all about his plans a couple of weeks ago when we came to pick up Daxton.

Nice excuse to get out of going to a movie with your sister and best friend! Ha, Ha!

Grand Pooba said...

Men and tractors...

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