Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date Night

Cory and I had planned to go to Wendover with some people from work, when that didn't pan out we decided to take advantage of the baby sitter for the night and have a date. We left at 5 pm and headed to West Valley to take a look at a truck for Cory.

As you can see it was a real piece of work!

After Cory dedcided NOT to buy the truck, we headed towards Ogden. We stopped at Robintino's and had a delicious dinner free of crying and whining kids. We had tickets to WiseGuys at 10 pm in Ogden to see Jon Reep winner of the Last Comic Standing season 5. Cory and I watch that show and really enjoyed him. It was hysterical! We got to sit in the front row it's not a huge place but they were great seats anyways. It was something fun and different to do together and I'm glad we went.

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Grand Pooba said...

I haven't been to Wise Guys in such a long time, I love that place.

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