Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The Green's 2010
Two men & a BaBy.

America's Next Top Model.

We went into JCP's to get some pictures for Diane's (Mutha In Law) birthday. Shanna was introduced into the 'can't get a good picture because someones crying, puking or you have sweat pouring down your forehead from stressing about a good picture'
Casey is showing signs of a mean streak where every time we put him next to Maizey for a picture, he'd pinch her or grab a handful of her hair. Personally, I think it's hair envy.
I also decided, I'm not a fan of getting pictures taken with my model like sister in law. Here she is all stressed, having hot flashes and then the camera comes out and it's like wind came out of no where to blow back her perfect hair and spot lights hit her face so her complexion has a beautiful glow.
I get ready for the picture and notice that Jayden has his finger in his nose, his tie is sideways and I'm pretty sure Casey farted.
My armpits were sweaty and I'm just concentrating on producing a somewhat natural smile. Where the hell were my natural winds?

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