Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sissy Love

First and foremost...So glad to be back! I know I promised pictures, they're still coming. For now, you'll have to deal with words and form your own mental pictures. But quite frankly, that might be disturbing for this post Ü

For those of you who don't know, I have two siblings...sisters. I'm the all glamorous baby, 6 years separate me and the middle child and 9 years separates me and the Elderly oldest. Occasionally, we have our disagreements and always, no matter what, we have the Kellerstrass Grapevine which includes our Mother and us three girls. It doesn't matter who knows what or if you tell one not to tell the other, we hang up with one on the phone and auto dial the other.

It's almost like a disease and we can't control it. At least that's what we tell our spouses.

There are even sometimes, like today, where we skip the middle man and chat all together, whether conference call on the telephone or cc each other on e-mail. Usually a lot of laughter and sometimes swearing is involved. Today was through e-mail and both occurred.

I don't remember what started the conversation but we ended up talking about how the middle child (MC) thinks she'll always be the fat sister, I know I will always be the zitty sister (thanks Dad) and we tease EC (elderly) that she is the bitchy one.

So, MC sends a picture of a bottle of pop and like 6 ice cream sandwiches to show you they had equal amount of sugar and how she is craving the ice cream sandwiches. Then we proceed to talk about how she is struggling with her weight and to top it off, she had a big zit on her chin. The kind where people talk to the zit instead of your face. You know those days where you just feel plain CRAPPY?

So I do what sisters should...we build each other up. Tell me what you think of my pep talk.

'MC, just so you know for almost being 35, having 5 kids, you are one HOT MOMMA'

So hot, I would TOTALLY hit on you.

Well, if we weren't sisters and I was into chicks, but other than that, I would TOTALLY be into you.'

Then EC decided to chime in, 'MC, me too...TOTALLY!'

There is nothing like the magical world of SISSY LOVE.

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Amber said...

So Fun! It is great to have that kind of relationship with your sisters.

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