Thursday, June 17, 2010

FREE at LaSt!

Just a quick note to end this WONDERFUL day.

I attended my LAST class to obtain my bachelor's degree. LAST class.

I walked through the doors two years ago to finish what I started over 8 years ago. Nervous, unsure of my decision and what it would me or me and my family.

Sacrifice...Hard Work...Frustration...Tears....Growth...Pride.

There are no words to express the satisfaction in knowing that I set a goal and with severe determination, I achieved it. Even with obstacles in front of me and when others questioned why, I accomplished it.


As I read over this post, I need to make a correction. Cory gave up so much for me to do this, time, money and patience. Even though it tested our marriage, he supported me. So, I'll end this post with these three words:


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