Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a taste

It's been anything but quiet around the Green House these last few weeks. Hang in there with me while I finish my LAST three weeks of school! We have much to talk about. Like Jayden's ability to mix hoses and window wells, T-ball games, Cory's new purchase, the list goes on and on. Until then, enjoy some picture's to satisfy your bloggy desires!

T-Ball conditioning

Waking up to this every morning Ü
This is how I found Gussie yesterday morning...clearly she shares my excitement for morning time

Let's all take Gussie's advice and GO BACK TO BED!
See you soon when I catch you all up on the adventures of Me and my Boys!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To my Mom.....

I'm not quite sure how you ever put up with me growing up. I lied, I yelled, I'm sure I said things I didn't mean. You were always the one who believed in me. Failure wasn't an option. You knew I could do it. Sitting on the front row of my band concerts, in the bleachers at Softball games and even next to me in the principals office when they told me I had to either go to class or drop out of school and then watching me accept my High School Diploma.

Even though I'm all grown up, you're still in the front row. In the hospital room through the birth of my sons, sitting in manager's meeting listening to me present. Holding my hand and wiping my tears when I realized life isn't always what you want it to be. Listening to me vent when I'm sure I can't make it another day with Jayden or working full time. Lifting my chin when I have no confidence left at all to make it that 100%. Helping me with the kids, the house and whatever I ask.

When all else fails in the world and in my life, I always know that I have you. Never a doubt, never a question. I can always come to your house and feel loved, welcome and accepted. You are so dedicated and an example in all that you do. I want you to know that you are simply the most amazing woman in the world.

I heard a quote today that reminded me of you

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

No one could ever replace you in my life or in my heart. Thank you for showing me what it truly means to be a mother, that at the end of the day I'm the only one my boys have to when everyone else has gone.

I love you Mom.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm a GrAdUaTe!!

Well, as of Saturday at 10am I officially walked across the stage to accept my Bachelor's degree. I really have 2 1/2 classes left my last night of class will be June 17th. We had a great day at the E-Center followed by lunch at Buca Di Peppo.

The boys played with my friend Jaimie and her kids. Jayden was going to come with us until he saw the horses at Jaimie's and he decided to stay and 'help with Casey!' This is before we left in the morning.Me and the proud PARENTS!There is no way I could've done this without Cory. I wrote him a card to open during the ceremony that said 'Watch me walk across the stage and know YOU are the reason I'm here!'

Can you see me?!

Lunch with all the family..CRAZY family!

Daddy & Danny (DeVito that is)

Next time you're at Buca in SLC, say HI to my friend who is 'hanging' right by the entry door! (Yes, this is an actual picture in the restaurant)

Graduation is so bittersweet. I always feel like there is something more ahead of me. As I sat during the ceremony I watched all the Master's graduates..thinking to myself only 12 classes away from that. It's been such a busy long two years, and I feel like I've sacrificed so much with my husband and kids. My goal was to reach my bachelor's before 30..CHECK. I think maybe I'll set my Master's before 40. I figure maybe take 6 months to a year and then start taking one to two classes at a time until I finish.

The keynote speaker asked every graduate who was a parent to please stand. As I stood, I had so much pride for myself and my boys. I really have worked so hard for this accomplishment. The speaker also said next to every graduate, there is a family member, spouse or someone who helped paved the way for success. This is so true. At that moment I turned towards Cory, across the sea of graduates and guest, our eyes met. He had this big, warm smile light up his face and it gave me butterflies. I'm so in love with this man. So in love.

Thank you for everyone who has helped me in someway. Whether it be proofreading my papers, helping me with the kids or even just listening to me whine. It's all been worth it. Although my goal was to finish with a 4.0 I managed to complete my classes with only 2 B's. The rest have been A's. 3.80 GPA..not too shabby!

Meals on Wheels!

We've had a lot of news happening in our neck of the woods! Babies, surgeries, graduations oh my! With James having a slow recovery from surgery, I put on a big pot of country style ribs and delivered that with some rice and corn bread. One package went to Laurie's and the other to Shanna.

Cory and Jayden got to meet Ms. Maizey Jade White for the first time

The next weekend, I made a big pork roast and did BBQ shredded pork with buns & salad. After dropping off to Shanna for her second dinner, it was Morgan's turn and I got to meet Kendall!

My donations

My boss Nancy at work feeds the homeless with her small church group every other Saturday just outside of St. Ann's in Ogden. She mentioned she sometimes puts together hygiene kits for the people there when she gets enough donations. I put a call out to the family and was able to make a nice donation of washcloths, soaps, shampoos, razors and toothpaste!
I can't believe how fast the entire month of APRIL went by! The baby girls are simply adorable, Casey hit 9 months old, and the list goes on and on!

Oh BoY!!

It's been awhile since I've updated on Mr. Casey. He's growing so fast, it's hard to keep up most days. Here is just a peek of what he's been up to...
Naked wrestling

Doing laundry
Standing up TALL!
Melting my heart one smile at a time

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