Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a LOAD of CrAp!

Can I just tell you, there are some days when I'm fairly certain I'm not cut out for this mother stuff. It also makes me wonder, did my mom have those days? My mom has always been so strong, growing up it never seemed like she had doubts with being my mother.

Last night, I'm getting Jayden in his jammies after his bath. We're having our usual talk:

'Mommy, where I go tomorrow?'

'You'll stay home with Brianna'

'Mom, can I play with your puter tomorrow?'

'We'll see.'

'Mom, I'm gonna keep my eyes open ALL night!'

'Ok, just stay in your bed'

The conversation goes on and on. Then he proceeds to tell me that his bum hurts because he didn't wipe it good today. Currently, we're working on him wiping his OWN butt.

'Mom, don't get mad ok?'

'Jayden...what did you do?'

'I went was taking my nap today, I thought maybe I had a fart and then I accidently had poop. So, I didn't want to wake Casey up and make the babysister (babysitter) mad so I put my panties in there' As he points to his HAMPER. I thought, well maybe its just a little skid mark. Yes, I have those thoughts. I'm a mother of a 4 year old boy. Well, think again.

I pull out a pair of Spiderman undies and lets just say Spidey was swimming in a sea of SHIT. There wasn't just a little...they were completely FULL. Sitting in his hamper, festering. It was at this moment in time I had another 'We're a LONG way from baby showers and cutsie onsies'. This is hard core parenting at its finest.

So after a LONG talk about how we go potty in the TOILET that is 2 feet away from our bedroom and NOT in our panties. AND if we have an ACCIDENT we sure don't HIDE it in our HAMPER.

His response: 'Ok mom. I won't do that anymore. Thanks for reading me books, I love you.'

And, I'm wrapped around his cute little finger again. Sorry Spidey...

To all the mommies who've cleaned their fair share of CRAP...can I get a 'whoot' 'whoot'?!


Jessica said...

You made me laugh. Awesome, totally awesome. If the undies were too bad, please tell me you threw them out. I've done that, looked at them and thought "well, there are some times when heroic action is called for. This is not one of them."

I wanted to tell you, I can relate. I'm not always sure about this mom thing either. Which of course makes loads of sense seeing as I have 5 kids.

Sounds like you're doing great though! Like the blog and love that you made me laugh. Stopping by from SITS!

Momotics said...

I think we all have moments like this. I have been battling with our toddler on potty training. He was completely potty trained in a week, no accidents, no issues, no more diapers, and completely STOPPED using the potty all together over night. Needless to say I feel like ripping my hair out because of this.

We all have THOSE days.

Stoppin' by from SITS!

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