Monday, April 12, 2010

My HaNdY MaN!!

We all know that I have a shopping problem. A shopping problem that leads to a A LOT of jewelry. Well, I'm starting to run out of places to keep these wonderful buys! This is what my bathroom cabinet looked like for the last little while.

A bunch of necklaces all lumped together.
Cory came to the rescue and with his brilliant handy man ways, this is what he built for me.
Nicely spaced and organized!
Now, there is a little more room in my jewelry box. =)
He even did all of this with a broken thumb!
(P.S. Notice my nice new rug from Lowes?!)

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being married to man who can take ANYTHING and make ANYTHING from it. He constantly amazes me. I know, this was just a few hooks this time but I mean all the time. He built our fireplace in the basement, did all the woodworking freehand and matched it to our railing. He built a SIX DOOR TRUCK by combining two trucks into one. He lowered Jaydens new bike so he can reach the pedals easier, there are so many other examples of him being brilliant. What else is there to say, other than I LOVE YOU BABE!

1 comment:

Kallie said...

That was nice of him, is that what he did while you were at work on Friday?

I like the rugs!

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