Saturday, April 17, 2010

He broke his Uncle...

Thursday afternoon I arrived at Laurie's to pick up the kids, my aunt was there and Laurie was explaining to her what to do with the kids for the rest of the night. I thought to myself, 'That's strange, Laurie didn't mention she had plans tonight.'

Laurie then turns to me and tells me that James just called and he's fallen off a ladder and hurt his ankle. He told her they were taking him somewhere and hung up. She was waiting to hear from him to find out what was going on. The next call she gets is from the paramedic telling her that James is conscious, he's on a stretcher in a lot of pain and there is a very apparent break and they are on their way to Mckay Dee ER. Panic

She gets her purse and leaves, come to find out it was a BAD BREAK. James is an electrician and was on a ladder about 15 feet in the air when his foot slipped. He fell all the way to the ground and landed on one foot. He broke both bones in his leg (tibia/fibula) and shattered most of his ankle. He was and is in sooo much pain. They had to 'set' or re-break his leg in the ER and he basically almost jumped out of the bed even dopped up on morphine.

Laurie is and has always been a rock but you could tell the panic in her voice. I drove to the hospital to support her, James was non too pleased. He was very upset about the accident. As I walked through the hospital, I could hear my feet with each step on the linoleum floor. I wasn't sure where I was going and asked a nurse where the ER was. She directed me and I started towards the emergency room.

Hospitals sometimes scare me.

I'm thinking, somewhere in this building someone is dying...someone is being born. I thought what would I do if Cory had an accident and I had to come to the er to see him? What if I had to go to the ER to say good bye? I'm not sure why I have these thoughts but they are horrible.
I made it to the ER and James looked pretty bad. They had his leg wrapped by that time and were waiting for the surgeon. He ended up in surgery just before 8 that night. At 11:30 pm, he was done with two plates, multiple screws and pins holding what bone was left. He has a long road of recovery, 6-8 weeks no weight bearing. Another 6-8 weeks slight weight and then physical therapy.

As I was leaving the hospital, again alone with my thoughts, a man stopped me and said 'Ma'am, can you tell me how to get to the second floor? I'm from Dallas and my son committed suicide, I need to see him before he goes.'

I hate hospitals.

Next to Cory, James is one of the strongest men I know. He is determined, strong willed and if anyone can do this he can. As you read this, please include my sister and her family in your prayers. That she will find the strength she needs to help James recover, take care of their 5 kids, work her 30+ hours each week and all the other hats a mom wears each day. Laurie is the strongest woman I know. I love her, respect her and admire her in all ways. They can do this.

Now that we've come to the end of the serious post, I'll leave you with a thought from Jayden. The kid has ears and hears everything...he's been walking around telling everyone...

'James hurt, he broke his uncle.'


Kallie said...

That's funny that he said that. After I picked him up on Friday he was telling Daxton that. He said something to Dax about James having screws in his leg. Then Dax says "Oh, just like Jesus had nails in his feet." It is funny the way kids think.

Like I said the other night, that is my worst nightmare. With Bryce being in construction I always fear that I will get that phone call. They have been in my prayers since I heard.

Grand Pooba said...

See? Somehow kids make everything better. I hope his 'uncle' gets better soon!

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