Saturday, April 17, 2010

He broke his Uncle...

Thursday afternoon I arrived at Laurie's to pick up the kids, my aunt was there and Laurie was explaining to her what to do with the kids for the rest of the night. I thought to myself, 'That's strange, Laurie didn't mention she had plans tonight.'

Laurie then turns to me and tells me that James just called and he's fallen off a ladder and hurt his ankle. He told her they were taking him somewhere and hung up. She was waiting to hear from him to find out what was going on. The next call she gets is from the paramedic telling her that James is conscious, he's on a stretcher in a lot of pain and there is a very apparent break and they are on their way to Mckay Dee ER. Panic

She gets her purse and leaves, come to find out it was a BAD BREAK. James is an electrician and was on a ladder about 15 feet in the air when his foot slipped. He fell all the way to the ground and landed on one foot. He broke both bones in his leg (tibia/fibula) and shattered most of his ankle. He was and is in sooo much pain. They had to 'set' or re-break his leg in the ER and he basically almost jumped out of the bed even dopped up on morphine.

Laurie is and has always been a rock but you could tell the panic in her voice. I drove to the hospital to support her, James was non too pleased. He was very upset about the accident. As I walked through the hospital, I could hear my feet with each step on the linoleum floor. I wasn't sure where I was going and asked a nurse where the ER was. She directed me and I started towards the emergency room.

Hospitals sometimes scare me.

I'm thinking, somewhere in this building someone is dying...someone is being born. I thought what would I do if Cory had an accident and I had to come to the er to see him? What if I had to go to the ER to say good bye? I'm not sure why I have these thoughts but they are horrible.
I made it to the ER and James looked pretty bad. They had his leg wrapped by that time and were waiting for the surgeon. He ended up in surgery just before 8 that night. At 11:30 pm, he was done with two plates, multiple screws and pins holding what bone was left. He has a long road of recovery, 6-8 weeks no weight bearing. Another 6-8 weeks slight weight and then physical therapy.

As I was leaving the hospital, again alone with my thoughts, a man stopped me and said 'Ma'am, can you tell me how to get to the second floor? I'm from Dallas and my son committed suicide, I need to see him before he goes.'

I hate hospitals.

Next to Cory, James is one of the strongest men I know. He is determined, strong willed and if anyone can do this he can. As you read this, please include my sister and her family in your prayers. That she will find the strength she needs to help James recover, take care of their 5 kids, work her 30+ hours each week and all the other hats a mom wears each day. Laurie is the strongest woman I know. I love her, respect her and admire her in all ways. They can do this.

Now that we've come to the end of the serious post, I'll leave you with a thought from Jayden. The kid has ears and hears everything...he's been walking around telling everyone...

'James hurt, he broke his uncle.'

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ethan and Other Ethan

Jayden is obsessed with the twins. The 'twins' are Lauries almost 13 year old twin boys Cole (in picture) & Ethan. Jayden affectionately calls them Ethan and Other Ethan. Whenever those two are around, Jayden can be found jumping, punching and grabbing these two kids. They are both really good with him and keep him very entertained when I need their help.

I can't believe how old these two are getting, it seems like just yesterday I drove to LDS hospital to see be an aunt for the first time. I've loved watching them grow up and it gets more interesting each year. They are so BIG, taller than me and makes it a bit challenging to give the 'mother eye' when you're looking UP!

My HaNdY MaN!!

We all know that I have a shopping problem. A shopping problem that leads to a A LOT of jewelry. Well, I'm starting to run out of places to keep these wonderful buys! This is what my bathroom cabinet looked like for the last little while.

A bunch of necklaces all lumped together.
Cory came to the rescue and with his brilliant handy man ways, this is what he built for me.
Nicely spaced and organized!
Now, there is a little more room in my jewelry box. =)
He even did all of this with a broken thumb!
(P.S. Notice my nice new rug from Lowes?!)

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being married to man who can take ANYTHING and make ANYTHING from it. He constantly amazes me. I know, this was just a few hooks this time but I mean all the time. He built our fireplace in the basement, did all the woodworking freehand and matched it to our railing. He built a SIX DOOR TRUCK by combining two trucks into one. He lowered Jaydens new bike so he can reach the pedals easier, there are so many other examples of him being brilliant. What else is there to say, other than I LOVE YOU BABE!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a LOAD of CrAp!

Can I just tell you, there are some days when I'm fairly certain I'm not cut out for this mother stuff. It also makes me wonder, did my mom have those days? My mom has always been so strong, growing up it never seemed like she had doubts with being my mother.

Last night, I'm getting Jayden in his jammies after his bath. We're having our usual talk:

'Mommy, where I go tomorrow?'

'You'll stay home with Brianna'

'Mom, can I play with your puter tomorrow?'

'We'll see.'

'Mom, I'm gonna keep my eyes open ALL night!'

'Ok, just stay in your bed'

The conversation goes on and on. Then he proceeds to tell me that his bum hurts because he didn't wipe it good today. Currently, we're working on him wiping his OWN butt.

'Mom, don't get mad ok?'

'Jayden...what did you do?'

'I went was taking my nap today, I thought maybe I had a fart and then I accidently had poop. So, I didn't want to wake Casey up and make the babysister (babysitter) mad so I put my panties in there' As he points to his HAMPER. I thought, well maybe its just a little skid mark. Yes, I have those thoughts. I'm a mother of a 4 year old boy. Well, think again.

I pull out a pair of Spiderman undies and lets just say Spidey was swimming in a sea of SHIT. There wasn't just a little...they were completely FULL. Sitting in his hamper, festering. It was at this moment in time I had another 'We're a LONG way from baby showers and cutsie onsies'. This is hard core parenting at its finest.

So after a LONG talk about how we go potty in the TOILET that is 2 feet away from our bedroom and NOT in our panties. AND if we have an ACCIDENT we sure don't HIDE it in our HAMPER.

His response: 'Ok mom. I won't do that anymore. Thanks for reading me books, I love you.'

And, I'm wrapped around his cute little finger again. Sorry Spidey...

To all the mommies who've cleaned their fair share of CRAP...can I get a 'whoot' 'whoot'?!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had another great Easter, hard to believe it's our 6th Easter together! We started off the morning with the kids up at 7 am!
I mean really, WHY would they sleep in on a Sunday?
Jayden had fun finding eggs and then Cory's family came over for brunch. After a little break to clean up, we headed to my parent's for dinner and the Egg Hunt!

Handsome Boys

Finding Eggs in Grandma's backyard

Jayden's new bike

Lil' Miss Sunshine

Casey's new bike helmet

My BEAUTIFUL parents!
It was a great day, and a BUSY weekend. I think we have something at least once every week until June. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend...until next time..I'll be wishing for some WARM DAYS!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

bAbY GiRL Shower!

This weekend has been jammed packed with events, baking treats, eating, and then starting all over again. Let's start with Saturday...Cory's sister is pregnant with a girl, and we had her shower this weekend. Please notice by the pictures the following things:

1) Shanna is drop dead gorgeous even pregnant
2) I'm pretty sure the rest of her body stayed the same, with the exception of the basketball belly.

Yes, you may all now hate envy her like I do.

Let the PaRtY begin:

She got cute PINK clothes Galore!
A beautiful quilt courtesy of Dena

This is what happens when you're the only Man at the party

Seriously...I think she wakes up looking like this
Princess Cake
It was a great shower, I think she got a lot of great things. I made her a 'New Mommy Survival' kit inside a little brown/pink diaper bag.
Wipes on the go - For when Maizey leaves her 'marks' on Mom
Eraser - To remember that all Moms make mistakes
Hershey Hugs/Kisses - When she's given all hers away and needs some back
Wiggly Eyes - She'll want to paste those to the back of her head
Ear Plugs - To use when Maizey just wants to cry
Clock - To remember time goes by too quickly, enjoy every chubby cheek kiss, snuggle and giggle
Mirror - Remember that with all the advice you're given, follow your heart, sometimes Mom just knows best
Ribbon - To tie around her finger to call me anytime of the day or night for help, advice, or just a listening ear
Most Important of All
Two bottles of VODKA - If all else fails, take these and lock yourself in the closet!
Love ya Shanna!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm a ApRiL Fool!

Today is my birthday...April Fool's Day. 29 years ago today, I was in such a hurry to become a part of this world ~ my mother gave birth to me in the hospital hallway all natural! (Sorry Mom!)

I was born before ultra sounds (geez that sounds old) they told my mom the entire pregnancy it was a boy..with two girls already..they were excited. My name was going to be Casey. Well, surprise!!! I was a bright eyed little girl!

In honor of this occasion, I thought I would have a guest blogger. My Grandmother Lila. She passed away when I was eight. I miss having my grandma's in my life, I wish they could be here to see me with Cory and the boys. I'm lucky to have Cory's grandmother's to love and be with me. On my 27th birthday, my mom framed a journal entry from my grandmother on the day I was born. She was 27 when she had me. It is by far, the greatest gift she's ever given me. Here is what she said on April 1, 1981.

"Today, Joanna had her third child. We have been so excited yet concerned. She has carried this child so low the full time. She has felt very well, but these last two months have stretched some muscles and put a strain on her back that has worried me. It has been a different pregnancy for her. Her doctor has insisted all the time that the difference indicates a boy ~ heart beat, fetal sounds, everything. And we all hoped he was right.

But Joanna called about an hour after she entered the hospital to tell me and Lisa and Laurie that it was a 7lb 7 oz GIRL! So after 9 months of being a boy, a little girl entered this world and said "April Fool! I'm a girl." What is even more fun is that she is almost a red head, sandy gold, at least and Joanna is feeling fine. Which she should, for she had this little baby so fast they didn't have time to sedate her. They didn't even have time to get her into the delivery room, she delivered her third little daughter in the bed in the labor room." Lila Caldwell

Today was a good day. Cory brought me roses earlier this week, got to spend some time with the kids and get some errands done. We went to dinner to the 'pickle place' which is what Jayden named Chili's. More celebrating to come this week, I'll post some pictures later.

Here's to the last year of my twenties Ü
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