Sunday, March 7, 2010

What lies beneath...the bathroom sink.

What you're about to read is very disconcerning. Please ~ don't judge me

After 4 weeks of being at the branch, working Saturdays, doubling up on classes to finish on time and Cory busy with his projects..exhausted hardly covers it. I decided this afternoon that my house had taken the back seat long enough and I was going to pick ONE thing to clean, organize and make over. My poison of choice...the bathroom sink/drawers.

Some of you may be familiar with my disease...I'm a shopaholic and I'll try almost any kind of hair/face/lotion/make up product you can think of. I've struggled with acne since my early twenties (yes, TWENTIES..cruel isn't it?) So, I'm always looking for new products with that miracle cure. Once I buy an item, if I don't like it, I struggle with throwing it away. Which is surprising because I have no issues throwing anything else in the house out. Maybe I might want to try it again, maybe when my favorite product runs out, I can use this in an emergency. What if it miraculously turns into my favorite product after being under the sink for a year? I think I'm a bathroom HOARDER.

Knowing full well what lies before me, with garbage bag in tow, I enter the bathroom. I get a sense of panic that I'm starting a project I won't be able to finish before Casey wakes up from his nap. One by one, I take the bottles out and inspect the contents. Body wash, lotions galore, face products. Half empty hair styling products, jewelry that has escaped my jewelry box. (yes, I keep that under there as well). I start throwing them away, some so old that the ingredients have separated. As I examine each one, I ask myself 'will I need this in 6 months'? Mostly I answer no. I reluctantly keep two or three bottles of lotion, but this time I've organized corners of my cupboard. Lotions and sunless tanning lotions together, hair products in the other corner. I'm feeling accomplished already.

I move on to my jewelry box. I own a ENORMOUS amount of jewelry. I think I'm going to have Cory build me some kind of jewelry box where I can see each piece. Right now my necklaces abundantly fill the space given and I found myself sorting jewelry I forgot even existed! It was almost like Christmas.

With so much progress, I really can't stop. I move on to my make up. Seriously...this was therapeutic. At the end of the two hours, my drawers (not to be confused with my under-drawers) and my cabinet are organized. I have a full garbage bag of old cosmetics, hair products and lotions...and even some jewelry...listen it was VERY old and tarnished.

So at least for now, I'm fully aware of what lies beneath the bathroom sink.


Aurora said...

HI, stopping by from SITS. wow what a productive day you had. i can be a hoarder too, trying to break the habit. have a good week!

Morgan said...

You are funny!! My sinks look the same way! When we moved I had boxes of lotion and hair products that I never use... So don't worry you are not the only one out there who does that!

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