Thursday, March 18, 2010

My last first kiss...

Today, Cory and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. I thought in honor of the occasion, I would get back in touch with my writing skills and share our first date, 6 years ago on March 23rd.

Three weeks after I kicked asshole my ex-husband out, Cory and I had spoken a few times. Right as I was leaving the divorce attorney's office, I got a message from Cory.

'Hey Kim, this is Cory. Just wanted to see what you were up too, Vanessa called and wanted to see the Chopper so I was looking for an excuse not to see her. I thought maybe we could do dinner or something, but if you're busy I understand.'

My heart was racing...did I just get asked out on a date?! I hadn't been on a date in 7, yes 7 years! I don't even know what a date is. I laughed with butterflies in my stomach because you could tell he was nervous to ask. Could I actually go on a date with Cory? He's been my friend for 8 years, dated my best friend through High School and is my ex's boss.

I always knew Cory liked me, we've double dated, went on bike trips together with my ex and who ever Cory was dating at the time. There was always some innocent flirting and for some reason he was the only man who made my ex jealous.

I dialed his number, and as I heard the line ringing, my heart was beating even faster.

'Hello' Oh dear god! He answered.

'Hey Cory, I just got your message.' After some small talk, I could tell he wasn't going to bring up dinner. What the hell, I thought why not? 'So, (pausing as my stomach turned) you mentioned dinner?'

'Yeah, but only if your free.'

Free? Dear God, for the first time in my life, I'm REALLY free. 'I'm totally free'.

I hung up the phone only to realize I had an hour to prepare for my first date in seven years and what ended up being my last first date. I called my friend Kallie to tell her about it and she was excited for me. As I waited for him to pick me up, so many thoughts ran through my mind. Is this too fast? Does he really like me? Could anyone like me after I've been used?

When Cory arrived, all of sudden I saw him in a different light than before. He was so handsome. Conversation that came easy before, was slow and stuttering now. Those first date jitters took our friendship to another level.

He took me to Bucca Di Pepo in SLC. We talked a little about the divorce on the way to dinner, but I decided to focus on other things. At dinner, Cory was such a gentleman. Something I was not used to. We laughed, there were a few silent moments. Mostly, he wanted to know how I was doing and to let me know he was there for me. He mentioned dinner was two friends chatting, my response was 'No matter how you look at it, this is a date!' Which made him smile, his smile made me melt. He was flattering, telling me how he'd dreamed of this date for the last 8 years. That he'd be whatever I needed him to be.

It was heavy conversation for supposedly two friends, but it came easy with us, even from day one. On the way home, we flirted some more. I joked and asked 'How am I supposed to end this night? A kiss on the cheek or do I invite you in? Slowly, Cory reduced his speed. He was nervous.

All of sudden he was sharing his feelings with me he'd had for a long time. He also said he didn't want to rush it, whatever this was between us. He told me I was special, and that he'd been looking for someone like me his whole life.

We finally got back to my house, I sat on the porch and smoked a cigarette. (Yes, I did smoke once and no Cory didn't like it! 5 years clean today)

"This is crazy! We've been friends for so long. What if we ruin it?"

Cory didn't say much. I invited him in. We got to the top of the stairs and we looked in each other's eyes. We moved closer together, I was so nervous. I wanted to kiss him but I didn't dare. Finally, I moved in for the kiss, somehow on the way, I landed on his neck. Such a DORK! But, it didn't seem to bother Cory.

Finally our lips met. It was the sweetest, most exciting first kiss I'd ever had. Cory pulled me into him as our lips continued to explore...I knew at that moment, it was the beginning. The start of something special, finally with someone I was meant to be with. I knew that God had blessed my broken road to lead me straight to Cory.

Needless to say, he's been sweeping me off my feet ever since that first day. From the first moment I told Cory I was free...we've never looked back. 6 years, 2 beautiful boys and more memories than I can count, here were are.

P.S. Were you nervous this was going to turn into an X rated post?!
Seriously people...have you no shame?!


Andrea said...

Kim, I love your blog! I pop in a couple times a week to see what's going on in your head and world! Congrats on your five years! We just celebrated two years on Monday and I can tell you how awesome it is to be away from assholes. Your boys are beautiful!
Take care, Andrea

Jenn said...

Ahhh that is tender!! You make me laugh ALOT!! Have a fun weekend!! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!! :)

Jani said...


Grand Pooba said...

Well I was a little dissapointed it never lead to the x-rated stuff but I'm still glad you posted it. I love love stories! That's awesome you found someone that makes you happy, not everyone does :o)

Kallie said...

I am so glad you and Cory found each other. I have seen how much happier you are in your life now. Here's to many many more years of joy!

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