Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calling all Mothers...


Remember how frightened I was when the dresser fell? Or when I wasn't quite sure what to say when Jayden told me it moved? I know, let's remember the day he decided to fertilize his room.

Add those all up together and you'll have what I like to call Mommy's tapping out!


Let me share with you the events of tonight.

I leave work to pick up the boys from Diane's (Mother inlaw) I walk in and instead of the 'Leave it to Beaver' welcome you've all seen on T.V. and dreamed about, I get Jayden whining 'MOMMMMM! You're not supposed to come, I want DADDY!!'

I attempt to visit with Diane and finally tell Jayden to get his shoes on

'No! I don't WANT to.'

As I politley tell my son to get his shoes on before he gets a spank, he sticks his tongue out at me. Alright, fine..to the corner for 4 minutes!

We have an OK ride home, I'm getting dinner ready. Jayden spots my Samoa cookies in the pantry and I tell him he has to eat all of his dinner before he can have one. As he walks out of the kitchen with his toddler attitude he says

...wait for it...you'll never believe me...

'Oh my Ducking God Mom!' Only replace the D with a F!

I have a moment where I just stand in disbelief. Jayden stares at me with disbelief like he can't believe what he just said either. I march him to the bathroom where for the first time in my mother career I take a bar of soap to his mouth.

"Do we say that word Jayden?"

He is screaming NO the entire time.

"Why did you say that?"


He is just crying the entire time. I'm about to cry. How did I end up here?

Needless to say, he ate dinner and went straight to bed. At 7:00 PM.

As I ate dinner in silence with Casey staring at me like 'Who are you PSYCHO mom?'

What a case of self reflection. I don't feel like I have a horrible mouth on me. I know I've never used a sentence like that. Have I used that word, yes. Am I proud of that no. I've done my very best NOT to use that language in front of Jayden. It's usually in a fit of frustration that I've used it, but not towards anyone.

I'm not doing good enough.

I can't believe I'm the kind of mother who's 4 year old knows that word.

He's used that word one other time that I know of. He said it in front of my friend who was watching him. When she asked him where he'd heard it, he told her his teacher says it all the time. He goes to CHS a christian school. I have a hard time believing they've said it there.

Any advice, I'm at a loss.


Kallie said...

I don't know what to say other than "kids say the darndest things." My kids have said things before that I have never said too. I remember when Kenley was about 4 she was knocking on our apartment window, while Bryce was sitting inside on the chair next to the window and she said "Open the God Damn door now!" We had never used the "G" word before, but somewhere she had picked it up. Don't worry you are doing a great job, some of our kids just are too smart for their own good. Oh, and soap will not hurt them, Daxton has had his fair share of dish, hand, & bar soap.

Rob'n'Mon said...

I'm having A Christmas Story flashbacks! LoL! Sorry Kimberli...I know it's frustrating. Hang in there! :)

Taylor's mom said...

Two nights ago, I was outside getting the mail and had some not-so-good news. As I proceeded to walk back to my driveway, I told Tyson that his aunt was being a _itch and he needed to do something about it. Well, needless to say, that night, Tyson and I were laying in bed, the lights were all out, Taylor was trying to go to bed and all of the sudden we hear, "baaa iiiitch, baatich, bich". (she's trying to figure out HOW to say it correctly!!! Tyson got soooo mad at me and I totally appologized but then reminded him that he says other words just as bad so that we BOTH have to watch our mouths.
I knew this day would come for us but it's still a shock when it does.
I'm sorry things are frustrating right now. I'm with you though!!! Hang in there.

Grand Pooba said...

I have no effing idea!

(But seriously I have no clue, I'm not much help here)

Celeste said...

Not that it helps much, I know more friends that not that their kids have said a naughty word. And most use the soap method. One of my friends had a kid that said the f word so much she gave him vinegar when he said it. Then it turned into vinegar threats for every wrong thing he did. He drank A LOT of vinegar.

I think you are being a great mom. Anyone who questions and rethinks the way they are parenting is on the right track in my mind. You are the mom and you know best!

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