Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mr. Casey

That's my heart he's case you didn't know Ü
Pure SUGAR!!
Do you notice he's past my knees??

I finally took Casey into JCP tonight for his pictures. You know, things are sure different with your second. I'm pretty sure I had at least two sets of studio photos by the time Jayden was 6 months and this is Casey's first...I'm sure I'll be paying for his therapy later on.

He's been a bit under the weather, so I thought he did GREAT. Oh, that boy has me wrapped around his little finger. He is the most smiley long as he is fed he is happy!
I can't wait until I get the actual now people at work will actually believe I have two boys!


Morgan said...

He is getting so big!! Way cute pics!!

Jones' said...

Kimberli, I can't believe how tall he is getting! Such a handsome boy.

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