Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mmmmmm...Honey, the Native Kind

I was recently stalking, I mean viewing my good Friend Pooba's blog and found this wonderful giveaway!!

It is the co-founder of Native Honey purses & bags.....I would SOOOOO love to win Ü There are many ways to enter, and really..what do you have to lose?!

(Hopefully you will lose because that would mean I would win! Seriously, though - there is always next time)

I've never owned a Native Honey purse, but I can tell you that I LOVE to shop and I would proudly promote Native Honey in a responsible fashion and with incredibly cute clothes and accessories.
So, cross your fingers for me!


Shmonae said...

You are extremely darling and I hope someone wins that loves my bags as much as you (and I) do :)

Acting Balanced Mom said...

What a lovely purse - hope you win! stopping by from SITS

Life with Kaishon said...

I hope you win :)

Writing Without Periods! said...

Good luck with the purse. I hope you win. Love your pictures.

Lynda said...

Stopping by from SITS - Your blog is so pretty! Did you do that yourself? Incredible. I am loving that bag.. I think it would look great on my arm.

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