Monday, February 8, 2010

Has anyone seen my youth?

I'm approaching the age where one by one tiny little things are nagging at me that we're not in our young twenties anymore!?! Let me count the ways.

I'm sitting on Cory's lap (yes, I'm still young enough for some things ladies) and he points out the beautiful little hair making it's presence on my chin. For the last several years, these little gems have been 'popping' out more and more. A sure sign, my youth is on its way out the door.

The last several weeks my bottom teeth hurt..I mean hurt! Anytime I breathe in, they are very sensitive. So, I'm shopping at Wally World and need some toothpaste. I absentmindedly pick up a tube of Sensodine. Later that night, I'm brushing..look up in the mirror and tell Cory..OMG I'm OLLLDDDD!!! I'm actually brushing with Sensodine. Basically, my tooth enamel has already begun to give up. Sad, truly Sad.

Some of you know, I'm watching what I eat and working on my elliptical. In the mornings, I get ready for the day pretty much naked. As I look at my body, several things at once let me know my youth is long gone. Varicose veins on my legs, poor circulation (from years of smoking..5 years clean might I add!)

When I apply make-up, I add concealer and a shimmer under my eyes to hide my circles.

I look at my hands and day by day they get a little older. My hands do so much. My hands care for my children, they wipe their tears away and hug the smiles right out of them. They provide meals, a clean house and all the things a mother's hands are meant to do. They are strong when I need them to be, they are soft when I want them to be. They caress my husband, and hold his hand as he holds my heart. They write the papers that will someday soon grant me my Bachelor's. They wipe my tears away at the end of a long day when I doubt myself and they hold my head high when I remember where I come from and all that I stand for.

Yes...I think my hands have earned every wrinkle and line and characteristic that make them mine! I guess losing my youth isn't always a bad thing!


Katie said...

ok, girl - there's no way you can be THAT old! I see your family picture on the sidebar and you don't look a bit of old to me!! :)

stopping by from SITS!

Morgan said...

Kim, You crack me up!! You are still young and beautiful!!

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