Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One potato..two potato..three potato..STOP!!

Sunday morning, I decided to put a roast in the crock pot for dinner. I'm not the most traditional mom, but I do like to have a nice dinner on Sunday's. When I got home from Church, (yes I did attempt to go. Did I make it the whole day? NO! Did Jayden yell Jesus Christ! in the middle of the sacrament prayer...Yes!)

Anyway, I digress.

So I got home from Church, laid CCB (Casey Chunk Butt) down for a nap and started to peel the potato's to join the roast in the crock pot. After I was done, I saw the peelings in the sink like I do every time I peel and the thought occurred to me that I SHOULD be picking those up and throwing them away. Did I? NO. Even after I read my friend Kallie's blog that she blew up her disposal with potato peels and even after Cory told me TIME AND TIME AGAIN...NOT to put peels in the disposal.

It was like I had two little people on my shoulder's. One with a halo saying 'Put them in the garbage...you're going to get in trouble if you don't. The other with a pitchfork saying 'Suck 'em down the drain!! You've done it a million times and NOTHING ever has happened'.

With it being Sunday and all, of course I listened to the pitchfork. I figured Jayden's outburst in Church already has me on the bus to the hot spot. So, down the drain they go.

Fast forward 3 hours.

I am doing dishes and notice that no water is draining...ah HELL!!!! I've plugged the disposal. Now I have to confess to CORY who has already told me not to do this a million times that I put peels down the disposal and he has to unplug it.

'Babe, somethings wrong with the disposal.'

Cory: 'Why, what's it doing?'

'Well, it's what it's NOT doing...like draining'

'What did you put in it?'

'Oh, just the usual'

'Kim, what did you put in it'

'Maybe some potato peels'

'I've told you a MILLION times not to do that!'

'You have?'

Sighing now as he gets the plunger 'Why don't you ever listen?'

'Well, what fun would that be?! Did I mention YOUR son yelled 'Jesus Christ in the middle of Church?'


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Kallie said...

Ha, Ha!! Is this the part where I say "I told you so". I posted it on my blog (with pictures) so nobody would make the same mistake I did. The husbands just don't understand though, it is easier that way. I can't say I haven't been tempted to do it again.

You will have to tell me how your church experience went other than Jayden shouting out. Good for you.

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